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ABS won't shut off

I have a '98 Honda CRV, recently replaced RF axle and from then on, even on bare pavement, the ABS crunch crunch is always there when I apply the brakes - no warning lights and does same even after use is withdrawn. Help?

Just to make sure it is the ABS you are hearing, disable it electrically (pull fuse) and see if problem continues.

Sorry, I missed the “f” on fuse…maybe it wasn’t the right fuse. I know it’s the ABS because it’s in use from October to April here and it’s impossible to mistake it. I can feel it trying to grip as if I were stomping on the brakes on ice. The odd thing is that this just started as soon as the new axle was installed…could something have happened to a sensor during the install? Thanks for your reply!

Yes, something could have happened to the wheel speed sensor. If that were the case the ABS light should be on, however. I’d want to make sure the right fuse was removed and see what that happens. The ABS should not function if the fuse is pulled.

Thanks, I’ll try the fuse again and get back to you…appreciate your help!

Hi there! We’re now thinking it’s a rotor, after changing out brake pads and that wasn’t it…although we’ve changed out one rotor and no change, so we bought a 2nd rotor and will replace the other front and see if THAT makes it go away. It’s getting complicated (_)

WHOA! Hold it right there. Is there a mechanic working on this, or are you doing it yourself? I ask because a decent mechanic should be able to diagnose this problem with some test equipment and not just guess-and-replace. I would almost bet that the wheel sensor was damaged or disconnected during the original brake work. This should be easy to test.

Actually a friend was doing this work, but I took it to professionals this morning and they diagnosed that it needed a $1200 abs module, but they’d take out the fuse so it wouldn’t default to the abs and it would be ok since it’s summer. I asked if they’d test drive it without the fuse and after another hour, they said it wasn’t the abs, but probably needs new calipers. Does this sound reasonable? Strange that they’d get it so wrong at first.