ABS Repair

I found that the ABS sensor “gear ring” is broke on my 06 Ford Escape.Can I just purchase another gear ring and put it over the surface where the old one was or do I need to replace the axle? How difficult of a job is this going to be??

This is not a job for a shadetree mechanic. If you are going to repair it then go to a shop. If it were me…I would have the ABS system deactivated. ABS is highly overrated. You could always have the Escape repaired when you sell it sometime in the future. A competent driver should never need ABS.

The excitor ring came loose on both front axles on my wife’s 98 Windstar. The first time it was repaired under warranty. The second ring came loose around 67k miles, it was less expensive to replace the entire CV axle than to press a new ring onto the old axle due to the amount of labor needed. The loose excitor ring was making a lot of noise when the van was driven.

Ed B.