ABS TC and Speedometer link in 2000 Cadillac Catera

I just had new brakes and tires put on my 2000 Catera (Total $900). Now the ABS and TC idiot lights are coming on…the speedometer shuts down when the lights come on. Also, the check engine light comes on and goes off…I have ordered a new gas cap in the hopes that stops that problem. Everything was fine until I had the brakes and tires done. The Cadi dealer thinks I may need a $2000 electronic module, the car has 112,000+ miles and is not worth that. Any suggestions? It is still pretty and runs fine, just nerve racking!

Most likely a problem with the Vehicle Speed Sensor circuit. If the rest of these systems don’t get a reference signal from this sensor. the dash will light up like a pinball machine.


Tester is probably right. Why is the dealer (to whom you needn’t go, BTW) suggesting replacing this module? Were diagnostics run?