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Catera again

thanks to whoever sent me to the caddy owners site. several folks had the same abs & tc lights on with speedometer not working problem that was not solved by the speed control sensor. all of them went to the next step of replacing the EBTCM electronic brake traction control module. i hear it is under the main fuse box in the engine compartment. anyone with any tips before i buy the part?

any one with info is thanked in advance, i won’t be back to check on my problem till saturday night.

Subject: 2000 Cadillac Catera with EBTCM (ABS and traction control system).

That same Cadillac forum. The module is in (really, in) the engine compartment. On that page, scroll down for some “how-to”. Enjoy!

I found a couple of sites that can repair yours for a fraction of the cost of new.

The first site provides some how-to instructions.
The 2nd site states that, if you remove, only, the EBT control module, that you can still drive your car; but, you won’t have ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) nor electronic traction control.
You could live without EBTCM. Believe it, or not, there was a time when cars didn’t have these things. Unfortunately, these types of things will set the check engine light, and the car can’t pass the State emissions test with the check engine light (or, other “safety related”) light ON.