1998 Cadillac Catera




First time writer long time fan. I’ll try to make this short here goes.

I have a 1998 Cadillac Catera with 114,000 miles, and I know there notorious to have problems however I can’t afford a new/used car at the moment. I’m having a common problem with this type vehicle. The ABS, Traction control and check engine light come on and off intermittently. The speedometer stops working some of the time as well. Along with the power steering getting a little stiff. Now all of these symptoms do not stay on all the time they come on and off with out resetting the codes at my local garage.

The car runs absolutely fine other than that.

I replaced the transmission control speed sensor and reset the computer and still get the same results intermittently. What next? the ECBM? Frayed or loose wire? Where do I start? My local mechanic and local Cadillac dealer want nothing to do with the car. They said it could be what I already mentioned above or another host of problems? The code that comes up when the car is scanned according to them does not isolate the exact problem. Code 0501 could be more than the trans sensor, speedometer or the ECM/EBCM (that?s what the code says could be the problem.)

I’m currently unemployed and like I said I can?t afford another car at this time. Please help. Any suggestions?

Your friend from Wernersville Pennsylvania,

David Latino


Check for loose or corroded wiring and connectors.


If it were an 85 I’d say to change the ECM (computer). The code will never identify the exact problem, the technician should follow procedures to identify the cause.