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Fix didn't work

2000 catera. the original problem was tc and abs light coming on as speedometer stops working. two people metioned the same problem since june. code called for vehicle speed control sensor. today i put a new one on (it was easy) bad news is problems came back as before after a short drive. could clearing the computer make it go away? or do i clear the computer and see what other code might come back?

You’ll need to have the circuit evaluated. The code comes on when the ECM doesn’t receive signals from the VSS. Usually, this means the VSS is bad, but could also be a damaged wire.

the negative cable has a small bad spot in it several inches away from the battery clamp. could a weak ground make a false code?

Maybe, but I doubt it. If the spot did cause codes, generally, they would be random codes, and make no sense.

Qucik question: Did the sensor replace work when you first started the drive, and then quit? If so, I think the wiring or the connector may be bad.

good point. how about the idea about clearing the computer and seeing what codes come back? how long does it take to get a good “new reading” ?

lights went off when i cranked it and drove off the ramps the after a short test drive (less than 5 miles) they came back on and the speedometer went to zero as before

If it is still not getting signal, the code will not take long at all, like a minute or two.

At the Cadillac Catera forum, the posters had this to say:
Sometimes, a person will get the address from ebay for where to ship their EBTCM (Electronic Brake Traction Control Module for repair for $159. Look into that.
Another forum. More specific: