Abs lights

I bought an 04 CTS with 24000 miles. abs would grab for soft brake and lights come on whenever. technicians replaced wheel sensor and soldered some wires. same problem. this took 3 visits and 1 full day of the car in the shop. I did some research and had them check the control module - that proved to be faulty. my question - what other electrical issues might come up since I can’t trust the cadillac geniuses in the shop to correctly diagnose them.

Clearly this is not a request for information. You are just blowing off some steam at Cadillac. Let me offer my two cents and mention they first tried the most common and least expensive repair – hoping to save you some money if their guess was right.

I really prefer such mechanics to the ones who insist in starting with the most complex and expensive repairs. Such folk will certainly fix your problem the first time – and gain hefty compensation for their next two boat payments. You might do well to continue doing business pleasantly with this dealership.