ABS pump - how to know which replacment to buy?

I need to replace my ABS pump (mitsubishi lancer 2008) and I have been searching a used replacment and couldnt found the same exact serial number as mine. and I have been searching for long time.
for example, my serial number is 4670A265 and I found 4670A352. the guy told me that it fits because the number 4670A is what important and the 352 number is for the year of the car. is that right?

The guy who wants to sell part says it will work. I would take his word.

I dont belive him, its just doesnt make sence that no matter where I search I always find a diffrent serial number, even if its the same year, I always find a diffrent number…

I know Mitsubishi is a dying breed in the U.S. but have you tried calling a dealer with you question? There may have been revisions since you car was “born”. Also that would be the part number not the serial number. You would expect the serial numbers to be different from unit to unit.


You don’t believe the person at the parts counter ( a real person ) but you are asking on a forum from people with screen names . If I said it is the right or wrong part how would you know if I even knew what I was talking about . If you really want this fixed Mr. Public has the answer , go to the dealer if you can find one or call one you find on the web near you .

On a vehicle this old I might just put tape over the warning light a drive it as is.


haha ok I got you, i’m planning to sell this car anyway, just wanted to fix it so I could sell it easly. now tho I will just sell it how it is and whoever will buy this will deal with it… from my side, I dont even care about the abs, the car drives just fine… thanks anyways.

I wouldn’t bother with this. I own a truck with the same type of problem, and it hasn’t bothered me. Usually, the ABS and BRAKE warning lights are on, but sometimes they stay off for a few miles after startup, and then come on. The brakes work fine, but the ABS is non-functional. Sure, I could spend a bunch of money to replace the ABS pump, etc, but why? This truck was offered without ABS from the factory.

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