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ABS Module repair

I have a 2001 Chevy Tahoe. My ABS/Brake lights have been on for awhile now…they go off intermittently, but I think my ABS module is bad. This is a very expensive ($700ish) part.
I have found a website that says it can repair the module for $150 if I remove it myself and mail it in. Also found an eBay post that says it can do the same thing for $55.
Anybody have any experience with this ABS repair? Does it work?


If the primary brake warning light comes on the ABS light will automatically come on. That’s because the ABS won’t function if there’s a problem with the primary brake system. If you fix the reason why the primary brake warning light comes so it turns off the ABS light will also turn off.


Thanks, Tester. I’m pretty sure it’s a bad module, though, because (1) it comes on intermittently, and (2) a local mechanic said it was bad. The brakes are otherwise working fine.