2001 chevrolet suburban brake/ abs warning



ABS light and brake light on dashboard come on intermittantly. Dealer says that a wire between the ABS electronic brake control module and the brake pressure modulator valve shorted and that both modules should be replaced to the tune of $2500, even though the warnings lights are off for days at a time. Also could low tire pressure be setting off a sensor that triggers those lights


All things are possible, but I would check with an independent mechanic. Dealers are not better or worse when it comes to repairs. They are usually more expensive.


If the wire had shorted the modules and caused damage, either the light would come on permanently, or never come on at all. Fix the broken wire, and see what happens.

You may want to verify ABS operation. Find an old abandoned road or large parking lot and make a full strength stop from 40mph. If the ABS doesn’t activate, then you have problems.