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ABS, Brake idiot light issues

The brake and ABS warning lights are occasionally lit while driving, though there does not seem to be anything wrong with the brakes. I’ve checked the fluid level and it’s fine. If I stop the truck, turn off the ignition and re-start, sometimes the lights will stay off (but sometimes not). Any ideas?

This is a 2000 Chevy Silverado.

Do they trigger on and off together, or do they go on and off indvidually, sometimes at the same time, but not always?

The reason I ask is because it helps to figure if it may be related or separate issues.

History codes can be pulled from ABS modules but first have the charging system evaluated as charging system issues can cause these lights to come on (espically heavily corroded cables and postive terminals on a leaking current or previous battery)

Next take a look at the sensor rings on the hubs,is a lot of debris present on even one wheel hub? Also check out the wiring and connectors on the speed sensors for each wheel,theycan corrode.

They are always on (or off) together.

Is this something I can do myself or do I need to take it to a mechanic? I’m reasonably mechanically adept, but no expert.

The problem is with the primary brake system.

Anytime the primary brake warning light comes on, the ABS warning light automatically comes on. That’s because the ABS will not function if there’s a problem with the primary brake system. So once it’s figured out what’s causing the the brake warning light to come on and it’s repaired so the light no longer comes on, the ABS light will no longer come on.