ABS light on?

I just bought a car and the ABS light is on. They said the hub was cracked which is causing the pull and knocking, but could the brakes be on and not letting go. IT feels like when an emergency brake is on a car when you drive it. Also, what does non-standard issued vin mean? The vin matches the registration and insurance contract from the seller and how do I apply for lost title? I think I just got screwed…but the state gov site says under the vin it isn’t stolen-what to do? so many questions! TIA!

Whatever this deal was, you need to do everything you can to get out of it. Did you buy this from a private seller or from a dealer? You may just be screwed, but its time to educate yourself about the laws surrounding these things in your state. Next time ask questions before you buy a car.

YOU, lauramc32, CANNOT apply for a lost title. Only the person whoms name is on the title can do that. The seller MAY be confounded, but honest. You can hope.

First you need to post what state you live in and maybe someone with expertise in that state will give you the run down.

You cannot apply for lost title in general the previous owner has to.

However the authority on all your questions is the your local DMV office.

Hopefully this rolling headache was not a large outlay of cash, attracting you to it. I wish you the best of luck.