ABS light

I am buying a ACURA today, and I need to know why the ABS light stays on in the dashboard?


The light means there is a problem with the ABS system. Do not buy this car until the problem is resolved. It could get very expensive to fix.

It means the car’s ABS is inoperative. The seller probably has a repair estimate but deems it too costly to fix prior to sale. Consider this fact when negotiating the price you are willing to pay.

I agree with the other’s comments. I bought a 1996 accord 6 years ago. Shortly after we bought it the ABS light came on. It is VERY expensive to fix. By taking it to the dealear and fiddling the battery, or interrogating the ABS we have gotten it to go off long enough to pass inspectons. I think this year the state inspection (VA) finally changed the rules and will allow the car to pass even though the ABS light is on. But the point is you have no idea if that airbag works. They should fix it before you buy it, and fix it with some sort of “promise” that it won’t come back on in the near future.

The ABS light is for the anti-lock brakes, not airbags.

The car’s brakes are working fine as long as that light is not also lit. You can drive a car without functioning ABS. Many cars don’t even have ABS. However, you should contact your state’s DMV to determine whether the car will pass inspection with the light on. You don’t want to buy the car and then find out you can’t drive it legally.

If ABS is something you want or need to have repaired to pass inspection, take SteveF’s advice and negotiate the sales price down to cover the cost of the repair.

You are right my airbag light says SRS, not ABS. Sorry.

Never buy a car with an undiagnosed problem. Chances are excellent that you’ll be in for an expensive repair or a chronic problem.