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Reset ABS light?

Just got my 06 Honda civic back from the shop where I had both front wheel bearings replaced. On the way home I noticed that the ABS light was on. Tomorrow is the 4th and I’m leaving for a weeks vacation on the 5th so I’m hoping things just need to be reset. Is there a way to reset this myself and avoid having to take the car back into the shop? If I do perform a reset and there actually is a problem will the light come back on?

Not positive but I don’t think there is any ‘reset’ for the ABS warning light.

The tech may have left a connection loose or possibly something else.Yes, if you DO get the light to go off and something else happens, the light will return.

This is for those who don’t believe in warning messages or ‘idiot lights’.

It’s a bit like the SES or CEL. If it’s on it’s on FOR A REASON.

Ignoring it or covering it doesn’t make the problem go away and will simply hide any future warnings possibly resulting in a collision or other major repair bills.

Thanks for the response. I’m definitely not interested in masking any problems. What I really want to do is a quick check to see if there actually is a problem. Turn it off and hopefully there is no problem and it doesn’t come back on. if it does come back on though take it back to the shop asap.

There is a problem. That’s why the light is on. If nothing were wrong, it would go off and stay off when you restarted the car. Every time you start the car, it does a self test of the ABS. If it passes, the light goes off. If it fails, it stays on. There’s no “reset” involved.

Ah I see. I thought it was one of those things where once it trips it stays on until reset regardless of whether the problem persists. Like maybe they turned the car on, noticed the light, fixed the issue, but forgot to reset the error. Guess I’ll have to give them a call and get it taken care of.

Of all the system warning lights I have seen turned on the ABS is the one most likely to stay out after a code has been cleared but no repair made. When I had a ABS light to work with I would read the code, write it down,clear it (with appropriate scan tool) and drive the car to see if it re-sets.