ABS Light on a 95 Sebring

The abs light just came on in my 95 Chrysler Sebring. When I shut off the car it sounds like there is either a vacuum system or some type of fan that doesnt shut off. I actually have to disconnect the battery so that it doesn’t drain. Any suggestions?

try tracking down the noise. It could be the radiator fan, which can remain running for a few minutes after you turn off the car. If it doesn’t turn off, there is a relay that energizes it (radiator fan) and that could be stuck. You may need the shop manual to locate that relay.

although you should have spotted that when you disconnected the battery.

The two problems may be separate and unrelated. You really must track down the source of the noise. Do that first and then we’ll advise you further.

It’s not the radiator fans… it sounds like the noise may be coming from somewhere near inside the drivers side fender wall in front of the transmission. When I shut the car off I did leave it alone to see if the noise would stop and it definitely won’t shut off without disconnecting the battery. When listening under the hood it sounds like some type of fan or maybe an air pump, but inside the car it sounds like a vacuum leak.

I used to have a MG where the radiator fan was ducted to the left wheel well, but doubt that’s the case here.

As has already been said, these could be two totally unrelated problems. Or, they could be directly related. I am going to theorize that it is possible that the noise that you are hearing is the ABS pump running when it is not supposed to be running–and that situation could be the source of the ABS light.

When you first start the car and drive a few feet, the ABS pump is supposed to run a quick self-test. Does the noise sound like that self-test by any chance?

Very good point. Looking around the internet, there are a number of complaints of the ABS pump continuing to run after the car is turned off.

I think there is a fuse you can try removing to disable the ABS system. If that stops the noise, then you know where the problem is. It should be safe to drive to a dealer, as the brakes will function in non-ABS mode. I suspect this is a dealer repair.

To track down the source of sounds, use a hose, either a rigid one or flexible and touch parts of the car/engine with one end while holding the other end next to your ear. You will be able to pinpoint the source if it is accessable.