Turn signal vs hazard signal

ok, so my car’s been acting nuts. found out for one, the battery was dead. duh! but still the engine light is on and the abs light off and on too (plenty of brake fluid). car won’t go out of park w/o a fight. now, theres this sound that sounds like a turn signal but differnt pitch. its slower than the hazard signal and different pitch. so its like a cross between the hazard sig sound and the turn signal sound. it comes and goes when car is off and when its on. any ideas? am i lookin at a huge repair bill, or could it be more simple?

Need some more info before any of us can proceed since every car is different. Year, make, model, mileage, trim level, engine size would be a good start.

I know I am a pest about it, but ALL CAPS, on-line abrevations and text messaging styles are difficult to read. Using standard case and paragraph spacing makes messages much easier to read. Making them easier to read means more people will read it and you are more likely to get a good answer.

Someone will have to scan the computer to determine why the Check Engine Light is on. Most parts stores will do this free. Same with the ABS computer, but you may need a mechanic for that one.

Knowing the codes is a start. Then more diagnostic testing may be required to pin down the problem.

The noise you hear is a relay clicking. It may be related to the problem getting out of PARK, but it may be something else.

You didn’t tell us what you’re driving, so we have very little to go on.

Each of these little things, by themselves, may not cost much to fix, but as you ignore them the add up, and so does the cost of repair.

Ah, communication, the lost art. Ever wonder if you composed a reply to such a post in similar fashion, whether the OP would understand you? (Geez, I’m starting to sound like Andy Rooney. Must be my Berlitz tapes “Preparing to Become a Curmudgeon.”)

I have a suspicion that the sound you hear may be related to the ABS light blinking. ABS works by pulsating the brakes, and that warning light is already telling you something is amiss with the system.

You need to get this checked out as soon as possible.

The engine light may be some unrelated cause. It may just be because the battery was removed and the computer needs to be reset. Until the codes are downloaded there’s no enough information here to guess.

Um, by the way, could you at least tell us the year, make, model, miles, and any other info you can?

I d on’t know where all caps is but anyway…sorry so here is my car…2002 ford mustang gt convertible.
I did take the car in and found that they did fix the shift problem as something sticky was spilt, then they said i need a new alternator, a new battery, and an oil change. Then they said i need a new abs module but that will have to be programmed at the dealer. so including diagnostics and all it was about 800 dollars for everything excluding the abs part which is still pending. also they say i need all new tires. geesh!! hope i dont need new brakes too or i should have got a new car.