Unusual noise after letting off brake


I recently bought a used Audi TT Roadster (only 21K miles). The car looks and runs like new, but when you first start out there is a funny noise after letting off the brake. It sounds a bit like an electric motor reving up for about 3 or 4 seconds. This problem goes away after about 15+ minutes but returns each time I start the car. It doesn’t interfere with the operation of the car, but it is annoying. What could it be???


John C. Snider

Kissimmee, FL


If the vehicle has ABS, it could be the ABS pump running that you hear.



You are hearing the ABS system running through its self-test, and you will hear this noise for a few seconds every time that you start the car–usually after driving a few feet. This is a perfect example of information that can be found in your Owner’s Manual, and this would be a good time for you to begin learning about the operation of your new car.

However, I am assuming that you meant to say that the noise goes away after 15 seconds, rather than 15 minutes. If the noise persists for more than a few seconds, then this is something that should be checked by a qualified Audi mechanic.


Sounds like the high-pressure pump for the ABS. It’s normal for the pump to run when you start the car, but I don’t know why it’s running after you step on the brake.


The sound exists for about 3 to 4 seconds after letting off the brake. It is fairly loud. It will continue to do this each time I step on the brake for about the first 15 minutes of driving and then it goes away until I stop the car. It returns once I restart for the same time sequence. I don’t have the owner’s manual yet as the seller didn’t have it available. They are sending me one. I agree, I need to reference the manual to determine if I need to fix something under warranty, or if this is normal for this car.


I hate to say this, but here goes:

You may have found the reason why the former owner decided to get rid of the car. Audi repairs tend to be time-consuming and expensive. These cars are fun to drive, but the words “reliable” and “Audi” are rarely used in the same sentence unless “reliable” is preceded by the word “not”.


After reading the other posts, I think it’s OK. When I reviewed the reliability of Audis recently, I was impressed that they build cars with average reliability, with their cars within a narrow range. They don’t seem to have really bad models or unbelievably great ones. To me: this means that they know how to build cars. They’re not prone to huge differences in manufacturing quality. The guy I knew who brought his to the dealer for needed warranty work was happy and did not have a relapse of problems. Maybe their staff is well trained too.