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ABS Code 2200

Can a front brake job (pads and rotors) and an alignment cause the ABS Light (code 2200) to go on? I went to pick up the car and the mechanic said it was a coincidence that the light is on after the brake and alignment job. The light was not on before I brought the car (2008 Dodge Caravan) in but went on a few hours after the job was completed.

Yes. You need a second opinion though from a different mechanic. I highly doubt that this was a “coincidence.”

There are sensors on the wheels to tell the ABS computer what the wheels are doing. Possibly one got damaged or unplugged in the brake process.

Thanks. $300 for module, $300 labor!

Ah, the other possiblility is that if they didn’t open the bleed screw when they pushed back the caliper piston when putting the new pads on, they pushed the dirty fluid back up to the ABS system and may have damaged it. Don’t know if it would show up that soon though.