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Abs/brake/traction light on after brake line job - 06 cadillac cts

I bought a car that needed brake lines, completed the job…after i was done the abs/traction/beake light came on. I also replaced the 2 rear wheel bearings, checked the sensors and they appear fine. I was not able to bleed the front right caliper, could this be why the lights are on? Ive read other people having these liggts on report issues of their car starting in 2nd gear, not able to get it out of park, etc…mine doesn’t do that. I havent had the codes read yet, my reader is just for obdll. Im going to the junkyard tomorrow to get a caliper but what is the most likely cause?

Did you top up the brake fluid reservoir after you did the job?Did you go for a test drive to test the brakes…how do they feel? Did you put the abs rings and sensors back the same way it was originally when you replaced your wheel bearings? Why are you not able to replaced the other caliper (seized bleeder screw .etc)Get a remanufactured caliper instead…way better than the junkyard stuff.

The fluid was topped off and the lights were on before i did the hubs. I checked each wheel and everything is fine. The caliper is stuck, cant get it open to bleed it.

Open bleeder screw completely until brake fluid comes out…that will release some of the pressure.If the bleeder screw is seized you can remove the flexible rubber hose connection or banjo fitting at the caliper(you are going to replace your caliper anyway) . Using a long screwdriver, push piston back in its bore and remove the caliper.Install new caliper and bleed that line.Hope that helps!

That set of lights can come on for other reasons than a brake problem. For example a transmission problem can cause those lights to turn on. Anything that prevents the drive-train from performing correctly could disable those systems and turn on those lights as a warning they aren’t turned on at present, as all those systems work in conjunction with the drivetrain. Ask your shop to check for stored diagnostic codes in the power train and abs modules.

fwiw, most abs problems reported here are due to wheel speed sensor or abs tone ring problems. Since you replaced the wheel bearings, the tone rings are definitely a suspect. Ask your shop to jack up the car and spin the wheels by hand and use their scan tool to verify the wheel speed sensors are pulsing correctly as the wheel spins.

Did you ever get the codes read . . . or did you for some reason assume the parts you replaced would result in the warning lights turning off? Such as the seller telling you what the car needed?

Is everything plugged in?

Don’t laugh . . . just a few weeks ago, a guy I knew replaced hubs, only to have the abs light stay on afterwards. I told him I’d take a look. When he brought the truck, it turned out he forgot to plug in the new sensors, which were part of the hub on this particular vehicle