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ABS & Brake Light stays on

I had to get on the brakes real hard one day, and the Brake light and ABS lights stay on all the time now. My brakes work fine, and the Dodge PU rolls fine also. It’s just that the light stays on, and I assume that the ABS in non-functional.

Thanks, Randy

PS:I guess that I should ask a question.
What could cause this problem? a broken wire, plugged line, Etc.??

You probably need to get an OBD2 meter from your local auto parts store which usually will lend them out and reset your computer.

If there’s a problem with the primary brake system where it causes the brake warning light to come on, the ABS light will automatically come on. So once you fix whatever the problem is with the primary brake system so that the brake warning light turns off, the ABS light will also turn off.

So you need to have the brakes inspected to determine what’s causing the brake warning light to come on.


The first thing to check for would be low brake fluid level.

I had the supply store check with a meter to see if there was something in the computer that indicated what might be wrong, it showed nothing on the meter.
The brake fluid is OK.
If a wire is broken or shorted out that goes to the sensor in the wheel, could that possibly be the problem??? Could I have a poltergeist or something else?
ps, is there a fuse that I can pull to eleminate the lights, but won’t affect the regular brakes or brake lights?

Randy, the brake light and ABS light being on, and the fluid level good, means there is a problem with the brake system. Take it to a mechanic if you cannot find a problem. This is very serious, and you probably have a problem with one circuit of the brake mater cylinder, and the light is warning you of a serious problem. The reason I keep saying this, is because you could potentially LOSE YOUR BRAKES WHEN YOU NEED THEM THE MOST!!!

This kind of problem will cause the brake system to turn on the ABS light, and disable the ABS system. This is not low fluid, parking brake left on, or anything else minor. THIS IS A SERIOUS WARNING NOT TO BE IGNORED OR FIDDLED WITH