2001 Blazer Brake Lights


My dad’s 2001 Blazer has the ABS light that stays on most of the time and the red brake light that stays on most of the time also. Usually they are both on at the same time. My dad wants to know answers to the following questions:

(1)What would be your best guess as to the problem?

(2) With both the ABS and brake light being on most of the time, is this dangerous?

(3) Can a safety inspection sticker be had for this automobile?

Lonnie Rushing

Temple, Texas


I can’t help you with the ABS light, but the red brake light on the dash means that either the parking brake is still on or the master cylinder is low on brake fluid.

If the master cylinder is low, you should get the brakes inspected as this is a sign that the pads are worn down. At a minimum, new pads and a brake fluid flush should be done if the pads are worn and maybe that will take care of the ABS light, but don’t count on it.

If your states safety inspection includes a visual check of the brakes, then I don’t think you will get a sticker. If its just a functional check, you might get one, but that doesn’t mean the truck is safe.


[b]If the primary brake warning light comes on for any reason, the ABS light will come on automatically. This is because the ABS will not operate if there’s a problem with the primary brake system.

Once it’s determined what’s causing the primary brake system warning light to come on and it’s repaired so the light turns off, the ABS light should also turn off.