Brake Lights

I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado. I recently had the brakes checked and they checked out okay. I had the emergency brake fixed as it didn’t work. After spending about $500 to get that done, the ABS orange light on the left and the red brake light on the right came on and stayed on. Sometimes they don’t come on for a few minutes, but come on eventually. I took the Ol Gray Mare (my truck) back to where the emergency brake was fixed and the mechanic couldn’t figure out why the lights stayed on. He said I’d have to take it to a dealer. My experience with dealers is they want to charge you more than you can afford! Does anyone know how to make the lights go off again. The brakes and emergency brake work just fine now. Thank you for any help or suggestions on this.


I assume the brake fluid level has been checked to make sure the warning switch for low fluid level isn’t the problem. If not then that needs to be checked first. The problem may also be due to a problem with the alternator. Those lamps may be in the lamp circuit for it. So make sure the alternator is working ok when the lights turn on.

Are the brake lights illuminated when the ABS and brake lights are on on the dash?

You meant he red brake light on the exterior of the vehicle, or some red warning light on the dash?.

Assuming all are ont he dash, it coule be one of a few things.

A under or overinflated wheel, which the ABS sensor is picking up at a different speed to the others.
Low fluid level,
A loose, faulty or disconnected sensor and/or cable.

1st, check the fluid level and the air pressure and tyre sizes, JIC you have mixed sizes.

Have you checked the owner’s manual for an explanation of what it means when the red brake dash light comes on? It may be an indication of what Cougar suggested about low fluid level, it may mean something else.

As for the ABS light, something in the system is malfunctioning. The brakes will continue to work as normal, but the antilock feature is disabled when the light is on. Under the circumstances, how do you know that the brakes work just fine? One or more of the speed sensors located at the wheels may have been disturbed during the brake service done by the mechanic. That either damaged or dislodged the sensor itself or the wiring from the sensor to the controller.

If whoever “checked” the brakes for you isn’t capable of diagnosing this problem for you and is advising you to take it to the dealer for repair, you probably shouldn’t have taken the truck there for $500 of brake “checking” in the first place. At this point, bite the bullet and let the dealer or a trusted independent full-service garage (not a 15-minute JiffyLube/brake/muffler place) have a look at it.