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Cruise Control and Brake Lights Stopped Working

Cruise control and right/left brake lights have stopped working. Upper brake light still works. Any ideas?

Have you tried replacing the right and left brake light bulbs? Maybe they burned out one at a time, but you didn’t notice till they were all out. I see a lot of cars with just one brake light left.

Any rodents in the car chewing on stuff? Failing that, are the fuses okay?

Try cycling the emergency flasher switch a few times to see if that changes things. The brake light circuit runs through it.

odds are it is not the bulbs, if they both stopped working at the same time i would suspect something has gone amiss with the brake light switch, which also has a cruise control inhibit signal. meaning when you push on the brake the cruise control kicks off. i would start there. if these two items stopped working at different times u may be looking at two seperate issues,in which case you may have a bad fuse or bad bulbs etc. bad bulbs alone will not disable cruise function.

If the center brake light still works, that rules out the brake light switch. I wonder if it could be the multifunction switch.

good catch on that maybe you do have two seperate issues

Thanks for all the suggestions. And the winner is:

Changing both bulbs. Was sweating it was wiring problems, but have changed both bulbs and lights and cruise control are working again.

Thanks again for the help.

Don’t I get any stars for that?

Thanks for the update. Good call Tardis.

Your cruise control is a fused item…check that fuse. ALso look at the cruise control module under the hood…99% of them have a vacume line running to them…they need vacume to work properly…make sure your vac line is in OK condition.

As far as brake lights get into the bulbs and check them…also remove ALL bulbs and run a nail file or emory board on the bottom of each bulb to clean them up…then apply some white lithium grease to each bulb bottom and reinsert them into the housing…do all of them. Many times bulbs either burn out or the contacts become corroded to the point of failure. If this doesnt help…look at your ground connections…they all need proper ground to work properly. its prob just bad bulbs