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About discussions-HELP

Hey, I’m a first time discussioner. Two questions: 1) How do get to the page where my discussion answers are posted and 2) how do I get my question’s answers to stop and my question withdrawn. Sorry, this is not about cars but I need some help here. Thanks.

Is this the page for your earlier posting?

I found it very quickly simply by clicking on your screen name. Your screen name is a hyperlink (note the color of it?), and that hyperlink takes you to a listing of all of your recent posts.

As to how to “get the answers to stop”, you have two choices, as I see it:

Don’t refer to the answers if you don’t need them, and just “let it ride”.
Respond to that thread with a statement thanking people for their help and stating that you don’t need any additional help.

People do not normally withdraw their questions. Think of your question and the subsequent answers as a resource to help the next person with a similar problem.

VDCdriver, Thank you for your reply. Although I’m not sure why the navigation is set up this way now, at least, I can get back to my posting and see what people said in reply. Thanks again.

You are welcome!

Stay around, ask questions, learn some new stuff, contribute suggestions, and join the fun.