Website feedback



so far not too crazy about this website. I created an account so I could ask a question about my car. The only place i could find was in the mechanics tab. 2 x I got an “unexpected error occurred”…
went to the community page and there is no option for posting a question. Ready to give this up except I could not find a place to disable my account. Not at all easy to navigate this website. My car gives me enough frustration, don’t need this too. Too involved to even leave you feedback.


On the community home page at the upper right is a box for new topic, click on that .


Thank you for commenting, @Pene. As confusing as it may have been, the site did get your comments to us. @volvo_v70 has given you some suggestion how to create another topic. I hope you’ll stick around and give us a second chance.


Good Greif Carolyn , do you ever get any time off ?


To ask a question on the forums, starting from, at the top right click “Community”, then “Log in”, then once you are logged in, at the top left select which forum you want to use (for example “Maintenance”), then click “New Topic”.


If it wasn’t for my bookmark, I’d have a hard time finding the place. When I use a hotel computer or something and need to do a search, the main titles are a little confusing and not descriptive.