A2019 Honda CR-V - Defective glass

Today we got into our 2019 CRV and were driving along when we heard a sound like ice breaking- it was a shattered rear window (trunk window). Shattered on the edges first on each side, then the entire window. Car had been parked in our driveway just outside our garade well away from the road so this was a spontaneious shattering. We took it to our dealer and will talk with them on Monday. apparently this is not an uncommon problem. Just took it in for the 5000 mile checkup. There is a lawsuit in Indiana against Honda for this problem (Hasan v American Honda Motor Co, Inc. Our dealer is great and they should fix this- esp when I show them what I found about this problem.

Do you mean this?

Stuff happens!


I thought the class action suit was about the front windshield, not the rear window. Dad’s 2019 hasn’t had this happen, or the many other owners of this generation of CRV I know. More likely to be covered by insurance.

Glass like everything else in a car is manufactured and susceptible to manufacturing defects and batch related problems. Issues like this usually reveal one of two problems. A problem in the design of the car that causes excessive stress in the car due to the glass shape or mounting. And/or an issue at the glass provider. Either way should be on the shoulders of the mfg. unfortunately it often takes multiple failures for companies to react.

Good point, VT. At any rate, this should not be happening in cars with 5,000 miles on them. YIKES. Would you BUY a car if you knew the glass would only last the first 5,000. We have a great dealer and I hope they help with this. If not, well, back to Toyotas for us. The only problem we ever had with a Toyota is that they NEVER wear out and they hardly ever have any kind of problem but after 250,000 miles, you just feel like getting a new car. We switched and have bought 4 Hondas in the last four years, this may be the beginning of our return to Toyota.

Every car manufacturer currently in the USA has had factory recalls due to problems. My 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser has one for the fuel tank and for the rear seatbelts. It’s all part of car ownership risks.

Yep. But we have had Toyotas for 40 years with no recalls and very minimal problems. Really, I am testing the dealership with this as much as the brand. Nothing is perfect, you are right on with that. Some are more perfect than others though.

Glass can break for practically no reason. We had a couple of Subarus in once with cracked windshields.One of those cars had less than 500 miles on it and the other right under 1500. The left rear door glass in one of the Subarus I owned shattered when I closed the driver’s door; and it wasn’t even slammed shut.

Shattered glass has happened with every make and lest you think Toyota is impervious to this problem do a search for a NHTSA investigation of Toyota for broken glass and with injuries involved.

I am curious. Which Toyotas have you owned which had no Recalls or minimal problems?

My 2011 Toyota Sienna was recalled because the spare tire carrier might rust prematurely and the spare tire could fall out on the road. For about 6 months, the spare tire had to be in a plastic bag in the cabin. Eventually, Toyota had a permanent fix and the spare went back under the vehicle.

Toyotas we have had?? Well, I am a woman who really could care less about cars except I don’t want them to be a problem. We had a green Toyota station that we had for 250,000 miles and then the plastic broke on a door handle and replacement part could not be found. We had a red 4 door Toyota sedan that we had for 250,000 miles and just seemed time to trade…and then we had two Prius’s (which I know because they were more recent and we had one of the early models and then a second model. We have also had Toyota trucks which I also only know by color because my husband drives those. So, we have had ALOT of Toyotas and only went to Hondas because they were quieter at the time we needed to trade (alot quieter) . I do not really care about anything except that they work well. We bought 5 Hondas (cars and trucks) over the last 5 years and have liked them- traded in only due to safety upgrades each time… Our dealer is replacing the window at his cost which I think is very reasonable and very appropriate since we bought so many cars/trucks from them in the last 5 years.

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@tennbarb. I am surprised that there is a lawsuit here in Indiana over the rear glass shattering on a Honda. Our normal method of handling the problem is tape a sheet of clear plastic over the window with duct tape and drive on.

You did not state what year and model your Toyotas were but I feel safe in saying that no matter the year/make there were outstanding Recalls and countless TSBs involved with them.
Some TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins are sent to the dealers) and some mean nothing as far as the consumer is concerned. Others involve notices about various problems, repairs for certain issues, and so on.

Consumers rarely see the TSBs but every car made has had them issued. The older the car the more they accrue and in some cases may number in the hundreds.

You mention Prius. According to Cars.com there are 30 Recalls out on them and God knows how many TSBs. Thirty falls under the title “appalling”.