2017 Cadillac XT5 - Sunroof Shatter When Driving

Anyone have their sunroof shattered while driving?

What if we did?

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If it happened to you I bet you had to change your underwear. sorry the devil made me do it.

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Although it’s rare, auto glass can shatter even if nothing hits it. It can be under a lot of internal stress, so any kind of defect could have this result.

Read a out Honda I think it was. A common thing. No warranty no support. Sad

Glass can shatter anytime. Some years ago I stopped at the post office to pick up my mail. As I drove off I noted the driver’s door on my Subaru was not shut all the way.
I opened it a foot, closed it again, and BAM, there went the driver’s side rear door glass in a million pieces.

Had a new windshield installed once. Drove the car home and parked in the driveway. Next morning I go out and the glass is cracked in the middle. Frustrating at the least.

In the case of your sunroof I would suspect that the glass was probably in a slight bind. A car body flexes while in motion and it could be the bind combined with body flex is what did it in.
I’ve seen this happen with windshields on new cars.

If you’re still under the bumper-to-bumper warranty, this should be covered. You definitely want a good interior vacuum job in addition to replacing the glass, otherwise you’ll be picking bits of glass out of the car for years.

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As a follow-on to @shadowfax, a rock could have flown up and over top, then hit the sunroof glass. It could have been a manufacturing defect too. Your best course is to check with the dealer to see if Cadillac will cover it. Don’t get too peeved at the dealer if it’s denied. They just report what the manufacturer says. If it’s is denied, you might contact Cadillac’s customer service yourself. Get the case number from the dealer so that the customer service representative can reference your claim.

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