2020 Honda CR-V - Pop goes the sunroof

I was driving my 2020 Honda CRV which I purchased in August, 2020 and suddenly heard a loud noise, which startled me because I didn’t know what had happened. It sounded like air was coming in above me and so when I got to a place where I could stop, I opened the sunroof from inside the car and saw that the glass was shattered! I wasn’t going under an overpass and was in the inside left lane. No cars were close to me. I thought something had hit it and broken it, but couldn’t see anything inside the glass and the part of the sunroof that slides from inside. The edges of the broken glass were bent UPWARD instead on downward which would make more sense if something had hit it. I am wondering if this has happened to other Honda CRV cars.

yes, do a search on the internet and you will see this has happened before with your car and even older hondas.

Here’s the image of mine when it blew: