A teen with a dream...and a wrench

Ok so I’m a 17 yo, I absolutely LOVE cars, fell in love with cars when I was about 13-14 years, fell in love with tuning and modifying cars when I was 15-16 years, now I’m close to getting my first car, only a year or so away, and I’ve been preparing for this day for about a year and an half, forgot about one thing, i’m a beginner with this, i’m good generally after all i learned but it is still only learned from YouTube videos and online articles, never got to actually try and tune a car my self, so i want a cheap car with cheap maintenance and widely available parts and beginner friendly, coz i know even with knowledge about cars and mechanics (although ik it’s still not enough and i’m still learning), without actual experience and getting my hands dirty, I’ll make mistakes, i just wanna make sure that i don’t make expensive ones when i have just started, i would of coarse have some troubles and i’m more than ready for them either with solutions or i am very okay with asking and learning more, that’s why i’m here
Now back, where i live it’s hard to find some specific cars tough let alone parts, i just need to know where to look, which i’m sure will know once i actually get into it more, but the cars thing still applies, some cars are hard to find or literally impossible to find. but i still would like to hear everyone’s suggestions and i’m sure i can find most of the cars suggested on this topic in my country, I favour JDM, Japanese cars (JDM’s are cars only sold in japan and needs to be imported, Japanese ones are just the ones sold world wide anyways, had a feeling i have to clear that up), and German cars (although yes they are kinda expensive), those are my favorite ones, but i love all kinds and types of cars
Thank you all in advance :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Have a nice day everyone!

You are in Egypt so the chance of anyone on this primarily U. S . based forum is going to be of much help. You need to search for a local car club for help. Tuning is an expensive thing that does not always give good results .

First of all, thanks for letting me know that this is an US based site not world wide, I can ask the car people in my area and i do know a few of them,
Tuning is indeed expensive, i know that fact and am living with it, the results though, i know I’ll screw some stuff up at first, but you live, make mistakes, learn from them, and i am okay with it, even if it feels frustrating at times
Thanks again :smiley:

Look around and see what cars are cheap and plentiful. Here in the US that would include Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic.

Corollas are pretty common here, and i do see civics here, not as often ofc, but i do see alot, they are kinda cool ngl and i like them, did consider older models of them too, just wasn’t sure if they would be a good first choice ya’ know

Beyond being cheap and common, Corollas and Civics also have the advantage of being reliable if they’re given reasonable maintenance. When you’re not tinkering on it, you want it to get you where you’re going, right? I currently own my second Corolla. I’ve had it for almost 10 years and it’s been mostly trouble free. Best of luck with whatever you choose.

They are not cheap anymore! the Corolla CE was around $25,000 at my dealer.

NO, i actually am going to mess around with it, mostly stuff to increase performance to only looks or look at all really, so yeah i’ll be messing with the engine alot, adding parts to it and stuff

The new corolla?

If you want a car to modify… look around and see what other people in your country are modifying. Why? Because performance parts are available for those cars. Local expertise is also available for those cars. It gives you a source of information face-to-face rathe than just random YouTubers.

Use the internet. See what performance parts are available. Choose your car accordingly. It makes things simpler, and easier for you to learn.

If you pick a car NObody modifies, every modification will require custom parts ($$$$). Parts that won’t work well as part of an overall system. You will get frustrated, break your car and spend lots more money and learn far less.


I highly doubt a 17 year old is going to buy a new Corolla–or anything else–for the purpose of tinkering with it. Old Corollas, however, can be had relatively cheaply. Anyway, if you didn’t like the price you could’ve bought a Hyundai for a good bit less.

To the OP, personally I’d avoid JDM unless I had a very good source for parts. A “car guy” I knew years ago was fond of saying, “What do you do when it breaks?” Then again, I’m a cautious old fart, not an ambitious 17 year old.

In The US, that is true–relatively speaking.
I don’t think that any of us–other than the OP–knows anything about used car prices in Egypt.

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OTOH, it’s a reasonable guess that older cars are cheaper than new ones (not counting “classic” cars), even in Egypt, and Corollas aren’t exactly luxury cars in any case. Presumably a Corolla would also fetch less than an Avalon, for example. The OP has already said he’s looking for a Japanese vehicle and I’m going to credit him with knowing local prices. If I’m wrong, he can let me know.

And, Mitsubishis are also Japanese vehicles. When I was last in The Middle East, Mitsubishis seemed to be very numerous, and various Mitsu models may well be cheaper than a Corolla. But, only the OP knows for sure, and ALL of us in The US are just guessing.

Mitsubishi has much lower production and sales worldwide than Toyota or Honda so my recommendation of something “cheap and plentiful” was partly based on that. Again, I would assume the OP knows the local market and he will let us know if any advice is unsuitable. Until then, my recommendation stands.

Ok so i should just buy a commonly modified car as a start to learn more since they have more available parts and stuff, yeah that sounds reasonable, thanks for the advice man :smiley:

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I think it depends on the brand, if it’s modded or not, and for some reason if the car is painted it price drops to almost half, and generally depends on the car’s state and how old it is, i’m still looking into used market in Egypt, prices vary, i’m not sure about that list i just stated but i think it’s on some point true

I would like to actually own a Jap or a german car, that’s the preferable ones at the moment for me, and i have found some good cars for under 10k USD (jap ones, still looking into german cars, also i translated the price to USD), old corollas are cheap indeed, but i’m still debating if it’s a good car for tuning especially that I’m a beginner when it comes to tuning, but yeah, old cars are cheaper than newer ones , and i did manage to find a M3, probably 2000 if i remember right, for like 15,600 USD, dunno if that’s good or not but looking at the state of the car from what i’ve seen, i think it’s pretty reasonable although i think i can lower the price a bit, i might get lucky and find a good jap or german car at an auction though

Yes they are very common and cheap, the pumas and lancers especially are very common in Egypt, and they are cool actually with good tuning potential, Evos though are harder to find but i can settle with a puma or a lancer and swap it IF i find one at a good condition

Mitsubishis are pretty common as i said, lancers and Pumas especially and i am sure i can find some good ones in good shape for cheap, people here love lancers so much, i am wondering if it’s a good choice for a beginner though, is it?