Im new to cars please help

hey I’m new to cars and i really want to learn abut the 370z i always thought they looked really cool and my 16th birthday is less than 3 months away, ive been thinking about asking my mom to get me one so i can work on it (work on things like the engine and putting a turbo in it) but i have no idea where i can find a shop (online or in person) so i came here for help, any advice can help. i am also really nervous about working on cars and what not and yes before you ask i have a very general idea about how a cars work (the engine exhaust and whatnot) so if any could point me in the direction of a good starter car or a online website for parts or just a tip abt owning a 370z it would really help.

The chance that you can afford the insurance is probably low. And where will the large piles of money come from to do this Turbo work ?


Same place he’s getting the car, from his mom, of course


ive been saving up for a while so i have around 15k saved up rn and i was planning on also getting a job too when im 16

You need to talk to your Mother as you can’t get insurance on your own . 16 year old people have outrageous insurance premiums and a 2 passenger vehicle will make it even higher . 15000.00 will not get you much of a 370Z so lower your sights . Also your mother will have to be on the title because of your age . Dreaming is fun but also reality has to be present .


Good luck with only $15k, unless mom still buys the car. BTW with $15k saved you’re still going to ask mommy to buy you a car?


well yeah she likes the idea of me working on cars and what not also she understands that ive worked hard for my money and i can always pay her back in my later years. why r u being so rude man?

yeah my mom will buy the car and insurance but only on the agreement that i pay her back when im older, also i know she will have the title we had a convo abt this but im ok with it

A 370Z for 15000.00 will be at least 10 years old and have as much as 150000 miles on it .
We are not being rude just realistic because this site gets these type of posts from young people a lot. At 16 and wanting to get a job then you need something dependable so you can show up a keep that job . Frankly , a new driver has no business with a high powered sports car which I would bet that your mother feels the same way .


sorry im not talking to u im talking to the other dude also my mom knows what car i want and what i want to do with it and she all for it

Then why are you asking questions here ? Has she even looked at the prices for 370Z and insurance ? If she hasn’t she is in for a real shock.

Also , did you notice that the replies use Capital letters , real words and punctuation? That is one way for people to take you serious.


Im a geezer now, but of course I was 16 at one time, so I understand why you’d like a sports car. Before I purchased my truck I was looking at a early 70’s Fiat 128 Spider and Opel GT, both pretty cool cars. But a bit impractical. I’m happy I decided on a truck instead. And 50 years later, truck still works nicely, and in fact is my only mode of vehicle transport now. Covid/DMV problems prevent me using my preferred mode of transport, Corolla. So my advice is to enjoy dreaming of a sports car, but choose a more practical car instead. Corolla, Civic, Mazda 3, Nissan Sentra, or if you want to go a little wild, go for a pickup truck. I’ll tell you one thing: Girls like bf’s w/ pickup trucks. Why? No idea. They just do. Ask anybody w/a pickup truck. Ever notice men driving pickup trucks are usually smiling? There’s a reason … lol …

Next, the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid (no offense intended, that’s just the principle’s name). Another reason to choose something in the above list as your first car. Parts cheap & readily available. Common repairs, like replacing a water pump, cheaper price for that as well. Your motor will purr even better if you spend these car-savings to take your date out to a movie and dinner.

Say you buy a Civic, and want to start learning how to fix it. Keeping with the KISS principle, purchase an aftermarket repair manual, Haynes or Chiltons, and read it in your spare time. Like you’d read a novel. Once you get the main ideas how it works, have the necessary tools and material, spend a couple afternoon hours to change the engine oil and oil filter. Good idea to ask here first for some pointers.

Best of luck. BTW, I know you aren’t going to follow my advice, but suggest to print it out and save it for later.


yes she has seen the price and insurance and she is still fine with it also my bad dude im used to typing a certain way and im asking questions here just bc im new and dont really know anything man. and i might need some advice for later on if i have trouble with a car or sum but most of all i just want to know how hard it is to work on a 370z and a good store where i can buy aftermarket products

thanks man ive read through ur response and ur right i prolly wont but i will keep this with me man and maybe ill go with a slower non sports car like a older mazda miata or be like my dad and get a nice pick up truck, but i like smaller cars honestly thanks for ur advice man i appreciate it

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Much better choice as a starter car. Second or 3rd generation cars are available for that money. don’t be afraid of 100K miles… a Miata is good for 200,000 if well maintained. There are Miata forums that can give specific help on the car…maintenance, service, and mods.


sweet man thanks ill look into some miatas

I kind of wonder if this persons mother is really aware of what she is agreeing to . If he has 15000.00 why is she buying the vehicle and expecting a later repayment ? Has she really talked to the insurance about the cost of insurance for a 16 year old boy ? Also she needs to understand that someone who has no vehicle repair experience just can’t start doing major work on a vehicle .

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i never said i had no experience with cars and its quite the opposite actually, my older cousin is a mechanic and a really good one too, he taught me everything i know and he even has his own project car. Ive worked with him since i was 13 and have been doing little things like heling put an engine together while he teaches me the parts changing oil filters replacing spark plugs etc. also ive told her aftermarket parts can be expensive and so is the car so i have to buy my own parts while she buys the car/insurance. She knows im a very responsible person and wants to prepare me for loans and other banking things too. So she is lending me the money to prepare me in a sorta weird way. She is aware of what she is agreeing too and is willing to take that risk of me possibly not being able to pay her back. i will pay her back ofc

Who will be paying insurance? Better get a quote first. Young Males pay outrageous insurance rates for quite a while, its not fair but that’s how it is.

You are talking about a sports car and want to do work and make it even faster, you will be a target in that car to police, you will hotrod the car lets be honest, you do that enough you will get tickets, tickets will make the insurance go up more.

That car being driven by a young guy will be a ticket magnet.


No it is not unfair but just a result of adolescence behavior. As my insurance agent says , it is not if a new driver has an accident but when will it happen .

And the mother is paying the insurance .