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Dealer Damaged my car

Hello everyone,

I purchased a pre certified IS250 and my story begins right after I bought it home I noticed that the CD player didn’t work so I immediately called the dealership and let them now they said to bring it in. To make a long story short I purchased the car in November and got the run around until March that the part was finally in. I dropped my car off on March 12th any received multiple phone calls that the part was delayed and I was told to keep the loaner car until my car is ready. I received a phone call today that my car was finally ready after almost 6 weeks. I went to Lexus to pick it up spoke to my service guy he apologized for the delay and that was it. While I was waiting for the valet to bring me my car I noticed only invoice that they had damaged my car and sent it to a repair shop, I immediately walked back and spoke to the service guy to find out that they did indeed damaged my car (back bumper, quarter panel and light). I wanted to know why I wasn’t called and why he just didn’t tell me when I pick it up his answer was it was only $750.00 worth of damage, then I told him that they were being dishonest (as nicely as I could). I had him walk outside with me to inspect the car and I noticed the damage wasn’t fixed properly because you could see spider cracks on the bumper, I then had him sign my invoice starting that it was damaged and that it still wasn’t fixed. My question is what is the best course of action here because I was lied too (they kept telling me they were waiting on a part meanwhile it was at a body shop) and my car was damaged and still is and as far as I’m concerned they depreciated the value of my car by damaging it because when I go to sell it it’s consider damaged and will be diminished value. Also the $750.00 with of damage is there cost but it was probably more like $1500.00. Thanks

Corporate Lexus prides themselves on exemplary service. The diminished value is reaching for the stars especially on a used car.

My suggestion is get them to fix the bumper damage. If they refuse move towards corporate Lexus and explain how unhappy you were in writing about the lack of communication, 6 weeks etc and improper fix. Lexus wants to keep customers happy, its part of their business. They likely will come down on this dealer.

People view these mistakes like the won the lottery. Yes it certainly appears that they kept your car and did not tell you the real reason (why would they need to keep an entire car to change a radio is another story). But there is not a pot of gold waiting at the end of the story here.

Thanks. I agree with the diminished value is reaching a bit but I’m just angry that nobody called me to tell me and then nobody tells me when I picked it up. The car is still not painted correctly so I’m taking it an auto body shop for an estimate today to see how much to correct it. I did hear from the general manager today and he did asked me what we could do to make it right and told me too let me know how they can fix the problem. I told him I will let him know, I’m probably going to have them pay to have it fixed properly. I know I dont want any free service since it’s not going back there.

“People view these mistakes like the won the lottery. Yes it certainly appears that they kept your car and did not tell you the real reason (why would they need to keep an entire car to change a radio is another story). But there is not a pot of gold waiting at the end of the story here.”

I’m not looking for a pot of gold here but I bought Pre-certified lexus (fully loaded) with almost no mileage that was in pristine condition and paid well over $30,000.00 for that had a cd player that need to be fixed. I dropped it off to serviced to pick up the same day and then the lies begin they kept telling me the part came in wrong, of the one they received wasn’t right, etc, etc. then when I go to pick it up 6 weeks later I see that they had to send it out for body work, that wasn’t even done properly and nobody called or told me when I picked it up. I have a Lexus now that needs a paint job and to be fixed properly. To say I’m looking to win the lottery is just unfair! does it say anywhere in my original post that I’m looking to make out on this. By they way it does diminish the value of the car because anyone that knows cars can tell if it’s been repainted, wouldn’t you ask why a car has been repainted I would…

Take it to a good body shop, have them remove the bumper entirely, and see if there isn’t more hidden damage underneath. If you’re lucky, all you need is a replacement bumper cover, and a paint rematch. If you are unlucky, there is lots of hidden damage.


If you have collision or comprehensive insurance, it may be time to discuss this situation with your insurance company. Get it fixed properly at the body shop of your choice and let the insurance company and dealer work out the costs.

Most people here dismiss the added value of a car labled “Pre-certified”, I am not one I do think a car thatis sold by Lexus through their Pre-certified program to have move value than a standard run of the mill used car. I question why you let them keep your car for even one day when the problem was simply a radio issue. It is odd that they did not tell you there was some kind of accident but included the report of the repair when you picked up the car. If they were trying to hide something you would think they would not have included the report when you picked up the car. I would not like to be a bodyman as it seems satisfying people in regards to body work is pretty tough, there is always something that is just not right.

I suggest (in an effort to calm yourself) that they explain to you exactly what happened to the car and in paticular,how hard of a hit it took.

I agree with you completely. The first answer, go directly to the Regional manager of Corporate Lexus, is the correct one. And do it now, in writing. They owe you a lot. Their entire pitch is directed toward perfect service, and from the facts in your note, the local dealership completely blew it.

You played their game, you paid a premium price for a premium car at a high reputation retailer, and you got treated like a complainer at a quick oil change place.

I agree that people are picky with regards to body work. That said, if I turned in a perfect-condition Lexus for a CD player repair, and it came back with cracks in the bumper, I’d be, frankly, pissed. And rightfully so. I’d also be upset because when the dealership lies to you about why they’re keeping your car forever, that means they have confirmed that they lie to you, which makes you question what else they’re lying to you about. What else was damaged, that is still damaged, but you can’t see? Did they damage metal underneath that now has cracked paint and will therefore rust far before its time?

I understand that body damage sometimes happens on busy dealer lots, but a “repair” that involves anything visibly out of whack is unacceptable. I’ve had plenty of body work done over the years by a local body shop, and the car always comes back looking absolutely fantastic. It is possible to achieve great results in the body shop, and this dealership owes the OP nothing less.

the reason why they had it for more then a day ( this was another other story) I bought the car home and immediately notice the CD player wasn’t working. called my salesmen and he said they will replace it, easy enough. I brought it for service they took out the cd player and said it wasn’t working ( I already knew that) and said they had to order it and it will be in about a week. I figured ok so I left with my car and then called them for the next 4 weeks asking if the CD player came in they kept telling me it wasn’t in, Finally the service manager called me to tell me they had the CD player the whole time but it was under the original car owners name not mine but the problem was that lexus has a policy of any parts more then 30 days has to be return or else the dealer has to pay lexus corp for it so they returned it. OK lets get the part back you would figure so they did and called me to bring the car back anytime before march 23th so I made it for March 12 (thinking hey thats before the 23rd so they have the part) well I was wrong they called me on the 12th to say they will repair on Monday so keep the loaner till them and we will call you Monday. They then called me Monday to let me know that on March 11th someone accidentally sent the CD player back to Lexus Corp and that when lexus corp gets this CD player they will send out another but they must received this first and to just keep the loaner car until they fix the CD player. So for weeks they kept giving me excuses that lexus did receive it, then they told me they received but lexus didn’t send a bracket for it, on and on and on the excuses came. Bottom Line they had given me a loaner car, they did keep me informed about the cd player ( didn’t tell me about the accident)and I was being very patience because at the time I had some family medical matters that I had to attend to and couldn’t focus on the car and all the sudden a few weeks turned into almost 6 weeks. Thanks for your input

Thanks, I agree. I was lied to for over 5 weeks about the cd and brought a car that they sold me in pristine condition in to replace a CD player ( which frankly should have been on they 230 point pre certified checklist)to them and got back my car with a cracked bumper and a dented quarter panel that was fix but I dont know how well it was done. I’m taking my car to my auto body shop to have it look at and one other contributor recommended be take the bumper off which is a good idea… Thanks again for your help

They damaged your car and they tried to fix it. The bumper needs to be repainted at their expense. End of story. Accidents do happen.

They should have told you but to stereotype, Lexus owners are not known to be the easiest to deal with.

I disagree. If he gets his insurance company involved for damage caused by someone else, his premiums are going to go up.

It appears you did not leave your car with them for 5 weeks. It appears you went to the Dealer,they removed the radio and said “call us in a few days”. You called and it ended up that you did not return for 4 weeks to get your radio re-installed. OK, what I am getting at is, how long did they have your car before they damaged it, and how long did it take them to fix the damage?

Again, you should ask then to explain how the car got damaged and how hard it got hit.Then tell them you are not satisfied with the repair work, they should fix this without giving you much trouble, unless it was a salesman that caused the damage.

How is the dealer damaging the car while it was in their custody any different than the dealer rear-ending the car on the road? Why would the OP’s rates go up? The OP’s insurance company would go after the dealer’s insurance company.

I agree with you about Lexus owners! They’re the worst!

But shouldn’t a $30,000 “Certified” car come with a working CD player?

No they had the car for over 5 weeks, the first time I bought it in they said they had to order it and they did and the cd player was there for a month under someone’s else’s name. Then the got cd player in again at the end of feburary. I brought the car in on march 12 and picked it up yesterday. They told me on march 14th that they accidentally sent it back on march 11th the day before I dropped it off now I believe this to be true. I see it as they waited a few weeks for radio then the car got hit and it took a few weeks to get it back. On the invoice it states that it was at tthe body shop around April 5 or 6.

Not all Lexus owners are difficult, but I can be a pain LOL

Now I did talk to the Lexus general manager and they going to write me a check to repair elsewhere after I give them an estimate. I did get a quote on the way home for $1300.00 (fix and repaint bumper and repaint quarter panel and gas nozzle door, and a few other things, he also noticed they didn’t take the tail light out when they painted it because it had gotten spray on it) and will submit it tomorrow and we will see. I will also have them pay for my rent a car for 3 days that it needs to be in the shop…