Please help a fellow out

Hi guys

I just bought my vehicle and sure enough 35 hours later I accidentally rear ended someone.

I don’t know much abouts cars so if could get some help from the wise

It doesn’t look that bad. I hope there isn’t any engine damage.

Could you guys let me know what you think? Approx cost to fix, damages to engine …etc

Appreciate it guys

2017 lexus nx200t


Insurance? Loan? Good life learning experience.
Prez Biden says this is a good chance to work with your fellow man.

Nobody over the net can tell you how much that will cost to fix.Your insurance company will take care of that.


The cost to fix is the deductible on your insurance policy.
Then there is the cost of the ticket for the moving violation.
Then the possibility of increased insurance premiums.


Body shops will give you an estimate for free. Just call one. Drop by. And that estimate is far better than any of our guesses.

Please help me understand why you would post the question here rather than simply grab your phone and call your insurance company or a body shop. Lots of other people do this and I’d like to understand why.


+1 to all of Mustangman’s comments.

In case the OP isn’t aware of it, there could be–literally–thousands of dollars of damage that are not visible in a photo. Only a shop that can examine it first-hand, and put it on a lift, can determine the real extent of the damage.


There is at least $5,000 in damage to that vehicle, you won’t be able to have this repaired for pocket change.

The hood is $950, front bumper cover $450, grill $800. Another $1000 for garnishes and DRLs. Then there is the damage to the core support, bumper reinforcement bar and multi-meter radar sensor if equipped.
Too dark to see the headlamps, those are $1500 each.

This is going to be a big insurance claim.


Does the ac still work? I would be worried about the condenser.

Gotta agree with that. I was gonna say $3-5000 but closer to $5,000 off the top of my head, but yeah with tip an everything, well over 5. And if you live in the east or west, just go a body shop and get an estimate.

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All body shops where I live are not open on weekends and I just wanted to have a ballpark idea of damages here just to help my anxiety through the weekend

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Ac does still work

Thanks you for helping me have a better understanding

Ok, thank you for the explanation.

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This is pretty common, new owner fiddling with the stereo or some other electronic thingie and BOOM, followed by the most common two last words in American English, OH s***!


Oh you make me laugh. Not a new owner but the gospel truth. I was fiddling with the radio in the Acura trying to get something worthwhile on, (AM, FM, Sat. and probably 250 combinations) no traffic, Sunday morn., 150 miles to go, and an 8 lane Indianapolis road, all the while stepping on the gas a little harder, and not paying attention as I zoomed by a state trooper. He wasn’t amused. I think with the electronic transfer fee it was somewhere around $175. He didn’t even wish me a Merry Christmas.


Back in the late '90s, I ran into a traffic jam on the Garden State Parkway, on my way to work. I rarely used my cell phone, but I decided to call my department head to report that I would likely be a little late. Suddenly, the traffic began to move, and while I was still focused on my phone call, I drove right past my exit.

I had to drive several miles North, turn around, and head back South to my exit. I wound-up arriving only ~10 minutes late, but the bottom line is that if I hadn’t been distracted by my cell phone use, I would have arrived at work on time.

Prior to that incident, I had been skeptical about the issue of being distracted by cell phone use in the car, but this situation proved to me that it really does happen.

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Lol, I was driving north on I-75, while changing radio stations missed the I-10 west turnoff, didn’t realize it until I saw the Welcome to Georgia sign.
In my defense this was before radio controls on the steering wheel and pre-GPS.

If you have full coverage insurance just forget getting estimates. Let your carrier handle every thing because even an estimate might not include problems found during repair .


Hope he did! If its a lease,its mandatory that he gets full coverage. If he bought the vehicule,he could have decided not to cover for vehicule damage…big mistake!

The only way you can escape mandatory collision coverage is to buy the car for cash. Every loan or lease I ever heard of requires collision insurance. It ain’t cheap, and the OP is going to find out why.