'A New Tesla Safety Concern: Drivers Can Play Video Games in Moving Cars'

'Not long after buying a Tesla Model 3 this summer, Vince Patton saw a YouTube clip - https://youtu.be/7ZZjF6ZUKCc - highlighting a feature that took him by surprise: three video games that can be played on the large touch screen mounted in front of the dashboard -- while driving down the road.

“I thought surely that can’t be right,” Mr. Patton, a retiree in Lake Oswego, Ore.

But in a parking lot, he gave it a try, and he was able to play a solitaire game on the Model 3 while in motion. “I only did it for like five seconds and then turned it off,” he said. “I’m astonished. To me, it just seems inherently dangerous.”’

What could possibly go wrong? No Grand theft auto ?

Who says you can’t load any game you want? It’s probably for the passengers though. Yeah, that’s it. I’m sure that’s what Elon would say. Yup, yup, that’s the ticket.