Something I have never seen before, Tv's Everywhere

Yesterday I took some time to go to a national cemetery to pay my respects to some veterans, none of which I knew. While I was driving I was in a fairly urban area and I seen something I have never seen before. There was a early 2000’s cadillac deville, big rims, the bling bling, the whole bit. Well it had a humungous sound system in it that rattled my fillings and thats nothing new, but the car had a tv in the rear window playing a music video that accompanied the song that was being played, so people who are driving behind him can enjoy the music videos.

I was behind the car and I got to enjoy the music video, In the song being played the guy was singing about a night in the club and the chumps he had to straighten out as well as his troubles with law enforcement giving him the business all the time. In one of the lines in the song the rapper was saying that he had so much cash he had to stack it really high and that if you wanted to count his cash you would need a giraffe to see the top of his stacks.

It felt like I was there. I had a blast.

It was awesome.

If that wasn’t enough I noticed the car also had a tv in the steering wheel where the airbag should go as well as a tv for the passenger and tvs for the rear seat passengers. 5 in total.

It was -Awesome-

He looked very happy, if more people did this it could make being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic a joy instead of a pain.

Anyone every see this before?

I fear what is happening. Auto makers are falling all over themselves to turn cars into entertainment/information devices with TV’s and especially the next big thing, Internet connectivity. Like we didn’t have enough distracted driving already. People will be doing 65 on the Interstate checking their email. People will be so busy surfing the net that they will then demand self-driving cars from Google so they won’t have to oay any attention at all to actually driving.


Well this guy actually was doing us a service, It was like a heads up display since it was in his back window and I couldn’t help but watch… but it was eye level so I was able to watch the road and his brake lights… Plus there is no way I could have road rage after watching that video because after hearing all the problems that rapper had with women, law enforcement, and other thugs, my problems seem miniscule and I really have nothing to be angry about.

I mean the singer got a bottle of patron busted upside his head in the club when he was just trying to enjoy an evening with his girlfriends, so then he had to talk sense to those chumps. Then the police came and started giving him the business. Then if that wasn’t enough, his old lady started acting up and he had to smooth things over with her.

I was behind him for a while so I got to see the whole video. It was quite the night out.

People will be doing 65 on the Interstate checking their email.

More like 85, if you only go 65 on the interstate you are holding up too many people in a hurry. Just ask around here, Speed limits are B.S. cause the individual drivers know best, not the traffic engineers.

What would people do if they were without constant sensory overload? A random, original thought would be such a rare event for some it might be stressful.

He wasn’t doing us a service. He was creating a huge distraction for anyone enamored by his appalling invasion of their privacy. I have a right to not be assaulted by these types of systems while I’m driving behind him, so I could reasonably argue that he’s audibly assaulting me if I’m behind him.

The only “good” think about it in my mind is that it’s a certain cop magnet. IMHO this is the type of behavior that signals someone who needs to be carefully watched.

I agree with mountainbike 100%. We had an incident in a neighboring town where a guy with kids in his car pulled up behind another vehicle that was playing porn videos on a DVD player in the van. I never heard the outcome of that but it seems to me that kind of thing should be illegal.

In NH it would be.

a TV the driver can watch …IS…illegal.
a TV that we can see is just showing off. and a dangerous distraction.
as an accessory seller…
if they have so dang much money that they just have to dump it somewhere…I’ll be more than glad to take it off their hands

I have a bad feeling about this. I’m seeing a driving future where we’re going to be barraged by advertisements coming from the rear windows of the cars in front of us. "Get a great deal on carpet, call 379-9799 “, " Watch Jimmy Fallon on NBC tonight!”, “Watch Jimmy Kimmel on ABC!”, “Watch Letterman on CBS!”, "Learn to Flip Homes… ", “Buy a car with no down payment”, etc etc . It’s not going to be pretty … lol …

If I had witnessed that, I’d be leaving that neighborhood in a hurry…for I would not not be in the right place…

It won’t be a problem when cars drive themselves. Big Brother will take care of everything.

The only place I’ve seen this kind of thing is in old episodes of Pimp My Ride, but it’s probably been more than a decade since I’ve watched that show. I guarantee these are aftermarket modifications. No car manufacturer sells a car like this.

I think some of you might want to have a drink and reread WheresRick’s posts. When you realize they’re meant to be tongue-in-cheek, they’re pretty funny.

Oh, Lordy, George, the thought will give me nightmares!

The only "good" think about it in my mind is that it's a certain cop magnet. IMHO this is the type of behavior that signals someone who needs to be carefully watched.

Cops? Hell, it’d be a miracle if the guy made it home without someone trying to steal the stuff while he’s driving around.

My former neighbor’s(he’s moved out recently) step son has an older (97~98)Civic that he’s got loaded down with stereo equipment and you can hear the idiot a good half mile away(that’s when he turns it on so my neighbor knows he’s coming). He’s had his stereo system stolen atleast half a dozen times already and he STILL insists on putting the crap back in there and blaring it for all to hear.


Yes, I did intent this post as well as many of my other posts to be tongue in cheek. I really think having a tv in your steering wheel, and in the back window is a bad idea on many levels. That being said I really did see this and as I like to say… You can’t make this stuff up.

I cannot understand why someone would spend the money to do those things and if I had my daughter with me I would not want her to see that music video because it was very vulgar and graphic, rated R for sure, maybe nc-17… I don’t care if people like that kind of stuff, but to put it in everyones face is wrong, We know the steering wheel Tv is illegal, I wonder if the tv in the rear window is? Even if its not it draws alot of attention to yourself, thieves, cops, ect…

This was on 38th street in Indianapolis near crown hill cemetery I actually overshot my destination to follow the guy a bit longer because I just couldn’t stop watching, he was the only one in the car but every tv was on, inclusing the one in the steering wheel!!

Its not the best area but its a well traveled very busy road. Anyone who goes to the Indiana state fairgrounds goes in that particular neighborhood, I never felt unsafe, but situational awareness is a good idea. I am not sure how strict IMPD officers are but I would think this guys ride would be a cop magnet, but a few years ago an IMPD officer killed someone in a drunk driving crash, in his patrol car, while on duty so who knows how they roll up there in Indy.

My biggest question is how do you wire a tv in the steering wheel? There has to be a special clock spring or something…

It seems that some people will do anything to get attention, including aggravating everyone around them.

Next, dish antenna on the car.

Maybe it’s a Google driverless car.

@galant, I’m willing to bet the vehicle in question had a satellite receiver on top. They’re often inconspicuously installed.

That’ll give me something to think about and entertain myself looking for next time I go through Indianapolis. Heaven knows there’s not much else except the stadium.