At last, Tesla makes the right decision

How Musk can be the Person of the Year with all the things that have been associated with Tesla vehicles that are just plain stupid .


Who said the folks bestowing the award know what they’re doing? Besides, it’s often an aspirational award, not necessarily earned. Recall that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was among the first to wonder why he received the award, saying he didn’t earned it.

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Well, looking at some of Time’s previous Persons of the Year might possibly reveal their motivation.
Perhaps they think that he is a threat, rather than somebody honorable–like some of these “winners”:


Even given the fact that Teslas seem to be death traps…

The cars with the Best Ever crash test ratings… Seem to kill their occupants at a rather high rate. I think the writer errs in thinking the drivers are at fault considering how often unintended acceleration seems to occur in these cars.

I think I read recently that the owner of Time magazine has invested heavily in Tesla . . .

I think the Time magazine person of the year isn’t very meaningful

I don’t buy or subscribe to Time Magazine

I think the magazine is very sensationalistic

I don’t pay much attention to it

Barely better than a rag, imo

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Not quite. Marc Benioff, owner of Time, Inc, invested in SpaceX, not Tesla. Note that Benioff doesn’t need to schmooze Musk. Benioff’s day job is founder and CEO of, and he is a multi-billionaire from that work. They both got exceptionally rich running internet commerce companies, and it isn’t surprising that the two might be chummy. You are correct that lots of wags drew the same conclusion you mentioned, but lots of people see conspiracies everywhere. I’m not saying that you see a conspiracy because you said that you read it somewhere, but others did.

I’m not into conspiracies

And I wasn’t completely off the mark, because Marc Benioff invested in Space X, not Tesla . . . but they’re both owned by Elon Musk

I appreciate that you corrected me :smiley:

Time magazine Person of the year had to do with the person who was most influential (Good or Bad).

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Musk has certainly been influential with SpaceX. Their growth in space launch systems is astonishing. Going from nothing to reusable launchers in less than 20 years is incredible, and saves the buyer a lot of money.

As strange as this may sound . . .

I like Musk’s approach with Space-X better . . . versus his approach with Tesla

I think this is related to why the Chevrolet Corvette is the car with the 2nd highest fatalities. They’re both luxury sports cars.

Tesla builds two sedans and two SUVs. They have not built a sports car since the Roadster, and the last one was built in 2012.

And more nonsense .


And, that early roadster was… let’s just say… not an auspicious start. When Top Gear tested it, in all-out acceleration testing the batteries went flat after about 30 miles.

You don’t think high HP, pushing the limits, and driver stupidity has anything to do with it. right?

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Colin Powell was a long time Corvette driver. He was once asked if he wanted a Z06. He said he was stupid enough in his base Corevette and didn’t want to think about how dumb he might be in a Z06.


I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. The Tesla and the Corvette attract high risk drivers is what I’m saying.

Thus contradicting your self about it being the car. Well done, Bravo. Now will you stop with the misguided, misinformed, and downright false theories? Please?

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