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'Pokémon Go - A New Distraction for Drivers and Pedestrians'

from the latest JAMA Internal Medicine. If you can’t read, let me know.

There are so many options, talking on a cell is bad enough, texting even worse, streaming your crazy speeds another problem, and now playing games while driving, I tried pokeman, seemed fun enough, but until the basics, ie keep your eyes on the road, or self driving cars take care of issues we are stuck with human fallibility.

As a test, I decided to see what happens in the game while you’re driving/riding in a car.
After a certain speed, like 20mph, it will tell you you’re going too fast and then ask if you’re a passenger or not. Even as a passenger, the distance traveled does not count towards anything in the game(hatching eggs, distance traveled, etc). Kind of a shame, really, but then I guess it would be considered cheating by some if their friends went on a road trip and were so much further along than those who stayed behind.

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Well, any mobile games and apps including navigation systems/maps can be a distraction.

This fad has come and gone.

I never quite understood the fascination with the whole Pokémon thing, even when my younger cousins were crazy over it back in the late 90s.

I remember seeing this when it came out which cracked me up…

Looks like this data came from a 10 day period in July, right after the game came out. Since then, they’ve made it nearly impossible to play while in a moving vehicle. Once you hit a certain speed, 20 mph or so, nothing works. You can’t get items from Pokestops and new Pokemon won’t spawn.