A museum where you can drive the cars

The Great British Car Journey - a museum where you can drive the cars. Stephen Beard reports for Marketplace, 4 minutes :

The car’s are driven with an instructor along on a 6mi closed course, Looks like a good mix of classic’s including a few Mini’s and a Reliant Robin.

I was fascinated by the snippet and did some Googling (funny how that became a verb…)…

Below is the link to their Web page…

Below is a YouTube Video…

I really just want to get behind the wheel of my very first car, the 1954 Dodge Meadowbrook… And below is my old posting of a “drive” down memory lane.

Happy trails…

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Most American visiters could only look at the cars… Most are likely equipped with manual transmissions so they won’t able to drive them.

I applaud the museum for doing this.

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Sounds like a fantastic idea and the price of 105 pounds for 2 of the classics is not that bad.

I’d love to give the Reliant Robin a go but would probably get shown the exit door to the premises and told to never come back again. Yeah, I’d just have to yank the steering wheel just to see…

Interesting idea, but I don’t think such a thing is possible in the USA. Too many liability worries. Personally, while I appreciate old cars, I’m happy to just look at them, don’t feel a need to drive them, other than the two I own of course ;).

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I have no interest in driving old cars… Drove enough of them when I was younger.

I’d choose the Bentley Eight, Sunbeam Rapier, and Jaguar XJS.

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