I want to drive it too

Wouldn’t you love a shot at this car? I know I would.

So many lovely cars of that era that are now far too valuable to drive. Pity…

But the reporter from the Detroit Free Prss drove it! Some folks get to drive them.

All the cars at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum are driven. Dr. Simeone, the owner of the museum, insists on it.

Unfortunately the waiting list is probably a decade long. Dr. Simeone sounds like my kind of exotic car owner.

As are the cars from the Revs Institute in Naples, Florida. This is 115 cars of the Collier Collection all but 5 maintained in running condition. Race cars as well as street cars. Many are very, very original like an 1896 Panhard et Lavassor. Driven by the on site restoration technicians or retired or current pro race drivers.

Mr. Collier and Dr. Simeone are of a similar mind-set!

Here’s the Simeone Museum web site. Enjoy the show ion line if you can’t get to Philadelphia.


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You guys might like the Jason Drives video series. He drives some of the weirdest, and some of the worst, cars ever made. Some of them are one-offs.

Happened to be at tires whatever for an emission test today, Guy pulls up gets out, regular guy that took a Porsche whatever for a road test. He is like I got to drive a $100,000 car. I am like was it fun, and he says amazing how much stupid people will pay for a car.

Says people who can’t afford a Porsche.

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I suppose if I needed a $100,000k Porsche, I would buy one. No inspiration yet to even go look at one. I like my trailblazer that can tow my boat and fit 3 buds set of golf clubs along with mine. @texases Your comment “Says people who can’t afford a Porsche.” makes me think ass is in there somewhere in your moniker.

Nope. Folks who make fun of one of the best cars on the road deserve what they get.

Plenty of ways to waste big money on cars. 100k on a 911 isn’t a waste.

I never said it was a waste, but have no need for that toy at the moment. My car drives fine fulfills my needs, and have no need for what is it a porche can offer me? Ego trip is all I can think of.

Why are you taking my comments personally? I’m talking about the guy that drove the Porsche.

We understand that you don’t want a Porsche. But that does not mean that people who do want a Porsche are stupid.

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