A knock noise when accelerating after a stop!

Every time I fully stop then accelerate I hear a grinding knock for a split second and everything is normal after! I don’t know what it is it seems like it coming from the front left but someone said it could be from the back. Please help! I have a 2012 Honda Accord SE

Hard to say from here…and not being able to hear the sound you are describing…however if I had to guess at some potential culprits?

The motor mounts would be suspect… as well as the front axle “CV joints”

Those are the two places I would be looking into for sure.

Thank you! I wish I had way to send you a video of the knock!

You do… most use their smartphones and or computers… lol

Well no duh but how do I attach a video on here! I’m new to this website

Never mind I got it !
I’ll send it in few minutes

It wouldn’t let me. It says it’s not authorized

Do you have a Facebook or twitter that I can use to send you the video!