Unknown noise

my wife’s car has a grinding type noise (like a key being burnished on a grinding wheel, but lower in pitch). We’ve had our regular mechanic check the braking system and he finds no irregularities and also says that he didn’t see any loose items underneath the engine area. The sound wasn’t one of the ones on your excellent ‘noises’ list, however. The noise comes from the driver side at the front of the car. The car is 2002 Honda Accord LX with 135,000 miles on it. The transmission was replaced under warranty at 70,000 miles. Thanks much. Bob K.

So presumably it makes this noise any old time? Like while its sitting turned off in the driveway? Or would you care to elaborate?

You need a new mechanic. A bad wheel bearing or cvc joint will be easily identifiable without looking for loose parts, of which there will be none.

Dear Mr. Cigroller (I sure hope you only roll them and don’t smoke them!) The noise does not occur except when the car is moving. My wife says she can temporarily stop the noise by braking hard, but the noise always returns.

you could also jack the car and spin the tire by hand to see if you can hear the sound.