A funny thing happened at the store

2002 focus se zx5 SPI

First things first. I got this car for free on the basis that if I could fix it I could have it. The issue was a blown drum cylinder on one side that I resolved by just redoing both drums using parts from another focus before I scrapped that one. Bam, easy car.

Well…the lock actuators all the way to the trunk are slightly possessed. When you activate them they cycle several times. Sometimes they stop in the correct position, sometimes I have to hit the button again. I can’t manually work the locks because the lock button/lever fights back and won’t go into any position at all.

Today I got to the store and found myself unable to open the driver door from the inside. The lock button, which activates a minimum of 4 times when I start driving, settled in neither a locked or unlocked position. It went in towards the door and the handle swung freely without opening the latch. Pressing the lock/unlock button worked after a few tries when it finally settled back into an unlocked position and the handle slapped itself back into an operable position and was able to open the door.

Until this happened I was fine with the spastic locks, but now I want to find out if anyone else knows of this issue or has resolved it. Every lock does it.

I believe it is the vehicle’s automatic door locking feature that is malfunctioning and having a little “fun” with you.

I’d see if I could get it to cooperate long enough to allow you to try disabling that feature.

Look on page 113 (Locks and Security) of the 2002 Ford Focus Owner Manual for autolocking disabling/enabling instructions.

Good luck!
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This seems to have had the following effect:

Locks seem to perform as intended. Driver lock still actuates twice, though it now lands in the correct position. At least, as long as I was testing it did. Trunk lock is still spastic.

Or you’ve got a sticky switch. Try cleaning them and maybe gotta bend the contacts a little to restore the spring.

The locks are still possessed. Just sayin’. What can cause an actuator to actuate repeatedly on its own?

Using used brake parts seems really sketchy to me

Ditto. Its a boring story but the brakes are new.

Faulty actuator, faulty or shorted wiring to actuator, the switch that actuates the actuator is faulty. This sort of thing usually requires following the wiring diagram point by point until you figure out where in the chain it stops working

If you feel lucky, inspect the area in the driver’s door hinge area for wires going from the door to the car body, looking for wires that might be broken or the insulation has deteriorated from opening and closing the door repeatedly .