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1997 mazda b2300

Anyone have any thoughts on this? The owner seems upfront and says it needs mass air flow sensor and ebrake to be adjusted…

A running anything for $1700 is pretty cheap these days, even needing a MAF. Have a mechanic check it out and if they concur on the MAF and ebrake adjustment the only thing that would stop me is a rat-eaten interior or rust-through of the frame.

But don’t buy this if the $1700 is pretty much a stretch for you because any 20 year old, 117K vehicle will cost you more in maintenance than a new car with a warranty.

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So I’ll assume the check engine light is lit

And I’ll assume the parking brake just plain doesn’t work, whether it’s simple adjustment or worn out shoes and/or drums, I can’t say

Sounds like maybe the current owner is tired of sinking money into it . . . ?

Have you actually seen the truck and driven it?

The price seems reasonable, provided it’s structurally sound enough to pass a safety inspection. Replacing a mass airflow sensor is easy . . . and hopefully that is the only reason the check engine light is on

And even if you need to replace drums, shoes and hardware, that’s not that big of a deal, and won’t break the bank

Definitely check underneath the car, such as the engine bay, look on the bottom of the engine above the oil pan and see if there’s any oil, wipe your finger on it if you have too. Check the transmission as well, see any fluid.

if you know anyone with a obd2 scanner take the scanner with you, i just looked up to see if the 97 b2300 has one and it does. it’ll be by your feet on the driver side up on the bottom or slightly underneath the plastic panels. Look the codes up on a smart phone and see what they are. or call a mechanic shop or post on here.

More or less, look it over in every aspect every style of detail.

This is the same as the Ford Ranger which means there’s a plethora of used parts out there. The thing that concerns me is that it’s a twenty year old WORK truck with fairly low miles. Unfortunately, those miles have been on a WORK truck with a four cylinder engine, which in my opinion means wore out due to having to work it so hard.