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'04 Mazda B2300 used buy?

have heard these trucks are best option for good gas mileage, cost, efficiency and work needs. have owned nissan pick up for many years but need new truck.
any issues in particular to look for when going to see this?

No more issues to consider then any 13 year old vehicle. And where have you heard these are the best option ? You just have to go look at it and spend about 125.00 to have a mechanic actually exam it for problems.

It’s a fair price, not a steal

Since I see the name Cape Code, make absolutely sure the mechanic puts the truck on the rack and throughly inspects for rust

We have many Ford rangers of the same vintage with the same 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission, in our fleet. I hate to say it, but they are dogs. That 4 cylinder only works well in conjunction with the manual transmission.

What kind of usage will this truck see?

If you’re going to throw some toolboxes back there, go with the 3 liter V6. Better all around choice, anyways

Since it’s older, it’ll probably have a sloppy shifter. you’ll probably need at least shift tube bushings, if not the entire shift tube. This is very common