A/C wiring or where does this wire go?

So this is a very long shot however I am hoping someone can help. I have the 2005 Chevy Impala LS with 3.8. I have no cold air out of my A/C. Checked Freon, fuses, and relays. The compressor isn’t kicking on. The pigtail off of the compressor which is 2 wires a green and black are not wired to anything and I have no idea where they are suppose to go. I believe that this is why the compressor isn’t kicking on. I have tried looking online for wiring diagrams and I am just not great at wiring diagrams.

Is this new to you car, or a new problem?

I gotta go but obviously if the wires are not connected to the compressor, the compressor will not function. So look around from the main wiring harness up around the fire wall for a wire that is not connected to anything. There is a shut off switch screwed into the AC line by the fire wall that should be connected too. Otherwise to the shop you go.

A new problem, A/C worked last year. I found that the wires were broke off but couldn’t see where or what they were connected to prior breaking. I originally found two other wires however when I connected them I blew a fuse and possibly a relay so either those weren’t the right wires or the fuse and relay were dead prior to me connecting them. I am still not sure if those are the correct wires or not though.

Wow, sounds like critters may be eating your wires, Were te wires you connected te same color?

Yes, they were both green and black. I had connected the blacks together and the greens togethers. I had the car in storage over winter. That is probably where they got chewed upon.

No offense, but even you admit you don’t know what you’re doing here.

Take the car to a mechanic. If you keep messing with this wiring issue, you may create an even more expensive problem than blowing a fuse.


I would suggest following the wires back, my WAG insulation got eaten off somewhere and shorting to ground.

I do know what I am doing. I said I didn’t know where the wires are. Big difference

I have an 05 lesabre with the 3.8. The wires from the compressor go into a loom of a bunch of other wires, then I’m not sure where they end up. Will try to send pics. May not help much, but it’s a really slow day at work.

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I tried connecting the same color wires again and same thing happened like before. I blew the A/C compressor relay fuse.

The second pic is the wire loom that the wires off of the compressor go into. They go immediately into it (like there’s only 3-5 inches of wire not inside the loom). Not sure you could mess it up by connecting same color wires, unless they’re chewed somewhere further up the line. Make sure the compressor isn’t locked up or something goofy.

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I dunno, unless you see something obvious when you peel back the wire loom covering. I don’t remember what problem I was trying to solve with my Riviera but I was trying to replace an injector signal wire I guess. I have the factory manual but there were three black wires in the harness. Guess I picked the wrong one. 30% chance of being right. Car ran terrible. Took it to a guy and had created a dead short to the injector. Wiring is for young people. So either got a wire issue or a compressor issue from sitting so long but still the fact that the wires were disconnected means something got at it. Wires don’t come apart by themselves.

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Thanks for the pictures. I am going try looking again tonight. It is bloody hot outside for me right now.

When exactly did the fuse blow? Was it immediately upon the wires touching each other? Or when the HVAC button to engage the A/C is pressed? Are you making the connections with the battery disconnected? Please state the steps you take more specifically leading up to the fuse blowing.

maybe they go to the a/c pressure switch. but thats just a guess. on second thought I think thats 3 wires.

I am not making the connection with the battery disconnected. The exact fuse blown is called the A/C RLY (CMPR) or the HVAC compressor relay and generator. It is just a mini 10 amp fuse. It isn’t the A/C CMPR or HVAC compressor relay. When the fuse exactly get blown is after the wires are connected. So I don’t those 2 wires that are black and green the right wires however I can’t find any other wires within a mere couple inches of the pigtail wires except those two and I looked everywhere around it and up to the top and side with no breaks I can see. There would have to be a break somewhere or those aren’t the correct wires to connect to. I am still looking for a wiring diagram online.

do you have the right size fuse in the fuse box? if your using a 10 instead of a 20 for example,
it will blow

Yep using a 10 amp

is that what it calls for in your owners manual?