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Where's the fuse?

Hey all. I’m tryign to help out a co-worker here. She has a newer Chevy Impala. When she turned the car on this morning the fan started blowing on hi right away, even though that was not the fan’s setting. When she got to work and shut the car off the fan wouldn’t shut off, despite removing the key from the ignition. I tried just pulling the breaker, but I’ll be darned if I knwo which on it is. It does not specifically list a fuse for the interior fan in the owners manual. I pulled every fuse from the interior fuse box and about half from fromt he underhood one. Seems as though the wire harness for the fan is under the dash and I don’t have the tools to get to it I’m at a loss. The battery cables are also firmly connected and the tools I keep on me aren’t up to unscrewing them. Suggestions?

Check in the owner’s manual.

The OP already told us that, “It does not specifically list a fuse for the interior fan in the owners manual”.

I think that his best bet is to call the service department at the local Chevy dealership.
Hopefully the service writer can ask one of the mechanics for this information.

Another sameritan tried to help as well for another hour and a half to no avail. He did have a wrench and disconnected the battery. She’s making an appointment to have it looked at with the local dealership since it is still under warrenty. Thanks.