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Impala dies when warm

my 2000 impala starts when cold, runs for 10 min and dies, i found its losing spark when warm, i changed the coil packs, control module and cam sensor and have had no changes, it dies, and doesnt start, only turls over, i leave it for 30 min er so and it starts , runs for 10 and dies, any one able to help me out? thanks

As long as you were tossing all of those parts on I’m surprised that you didn’t throw a crank sensor in for good measure. Check that. Any check engine light/error codes?

actually thats next haha the car has 2 crank sensors one at the crank pully and the other near the transmission bell housing, and its not throwing any codes or lights, it doesnt stumble when it dies. i cant hear the fuel pump run for 2 seconds when the key is turned on, and after it dies i press the pressure release on the fuel rail and it has pressure. i have been driving my truck so it hasent been a big deal for me to fix, though it does irritate me, so the next step is the crank sensors

Ok - but don’t just replace them. Find their testing specs and pull out a voltmeter and go to work. They should have a correct resistance range, and you need to check the wiring - they have to get volts & send 'em in the correct ranges. Needless to say they have to be checked while they’re a bit hot.

A basic repair manual from an auto parts shop should have testing specs (you’re likely to quickly save the $20 spent on the manual) or you may be able to get them free from Autozone’s online repair info.

i have the book and it seemed semi useful considering it cover a wide span of cars and engines. i did the cam sensor because the intake gasket was leaking and since it was easy to do while it was torn down i just did it, the coil packs and module were lifetime waranty, (i replaced them before) the cam sensor was on 40$ and the other two are 20 and 30, im just hoping its not a computer issue, the whole ignition circuit is cam sensor crank sensor computer coils and module i believe, and the o2 sensors hels the fuel ratio and timing and such i think,