Need suggestions

I was sitting in a Drive-Thru and my AC turned off out of nowhere I tried to turn it back on it wouldn’t come on but when I started to drive you could feel a little bit of cold air come out of the vents but it only lasted like 2 seconds and then quit. I. Just need some help.

Does the fan work with the A/C off?

The A/C condenser fan at the radiator has probably failed. It could be either the fan relay, fan motor, or the pressure switch that turns on the fan.

Sounds like the A/C system is still operating but the interior blower motor has stopped. The blower motor may have failed or the blower control module and/or burned module connectors.

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How old is your Impala, and how many miles on it?

Let’s get some more information . . .

Go outside and start up the car

Let it idle

Now set your ac to max cold and on the highest blower setting

Pop the hood

Is the ac comressor clutch engaging . . . if so, good

Any air volume from the registers inside the car . . . on any of the fan speeds?

Well i smacked the side of the dash next to the knob that turns it on and it came on if that means anything

What do you mean “it came on”

The ac compressor clutch started engaging again . . . ?

The blower started working again . . . ?

That is how I fixed computers! Sounds like a bad connection or switch.

Smack indicates bad blower motor. If not that have cooling system checked. Radiator fill level etc. If cooling systems faulty ac shuts off automatically to protect engine.

No offense, but if I told my wife to check to see if the compressor is on she’d look at me like I was from Mars, which I just might be.

Good point now though to take it to the shop and point exactly where the smack was and let them take it from there.


The a/c started blowing cold air but it stops after a few seconds. Someone told me ill have to replace the whole knob that turns the ac/heat up and down.

Do NOT listen to that person

They’re just guessing

If you do what they suggested, you’ll be spending a lot of money and time fixing something that isn’t broken

When you say “the a/c started blowing cold air but it stops after a few seconds” . . . PLEASE describe what you mean

There’s no air volume at all from the registers?

There’s air volume, but it’s not cold

Once you answer these questions clearly, we’ll be able to narrow down where your problem lies

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Yea after a few seconds theres absolutely no air volume coming thru the vents. The few seconds it is on its cold.

Thank you for finally clarifying my questions

Forget about the ac compressor clutch

Your problems are NOT under the hood

Your problems are almost certainly due to a bad blower resistor pack or possibly the motor itself . . . and possibly the pigtail(s) as well. More likely the resistor pack, in my opinion

It’s very likely the ac control head is just fine . . . whoever told you to replace that should not be listened to, as far as car advice goes

One thing you CAN do . . . unplug the blower resistor pack connections. Are they melted? If so, you need the blower resistor pack and pigtail. Sadly, this is extremely common for GM vehicles


You can try flushing the air conditioner or check the air flow guides. I often had problems with the guides. If this does not help, then it is better to take the car for repair.

What does that mean?
Can you elaborate?

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Once in the service, I asked to change the fluid in the air conditioner. Unfortunately, I came across very dishonest workers who poured diluted liquid into my air conditioner, in which there was very little freon. As a result, my air conditioner broke down and I had to change everything again.


How do you pour anything through a schrader valve?