A/c not cold & constantly on

09 Civic 370 miles. Yes, only 370 miles. Today I turned the a/c on and it was almost warm air blowing. I also noticed it was louder in the engine and the compressor didn’t cycle anymore. I’m going to the dealer next week. What could be causing this? Thanks.

Don’t concern yourself with the possible cause. Just describe the symptoms and be sure that your description of the problem is documented. Even if you try to provide a diagnosis to the dealership, they are likely to ignore that information because they are required by the manufacturer to go through a standardized diagnostic protocol on all warranty-related claims.

Think about it–If you told them what to replace and that diagnosis turned out to be wrong, would you want to be responsible for paying for the parts that were installed in error? Certainly the dealership and the manufacturer would not be responsible for a bad diagnosis, so that would leave you holding the bag for those costs. So, in effect they are sparing you from some financial liability by doing their own diagnosing and by ignoring your suggestions.

Just tell them what you have experienced, attempt to have the service writer or other service department personnel come to the car with you so that you can demonstrate the problem to him/her, and then allow them to do what they have to do.

Ultimately, if this is a legitimate complaint, it should be repaired under warranty. If they don’t fix it on the first try, then the clock begins ticking under the provisions of the Lemon Law for your state. If you don’t know the details of the law for your state, then go to www.carlemon.com for that information. Just remember to retain all documentation of repair attempts.

What was the outside air temp?

Are you sure your compressor uses the cycling technique to control system pressures?

Or are you saying the compressor clutch never engages? Could be outside temp dependant.

what do you know about modern day A/C systems.?

lemon law above is funny. or just PARANOID ?

the dealer will find the prob. to many variables.I have 30 poss, thoughts but cant fix it without touching and testing.

good luck.

If you are used to larger cars, you may be used to having a little more sound proofing between the engine compartment and yourself, and you may be used to an engine that generally rotates slower. The Civic is a subcompact, built for utility, some comfort, and good fuel economy. Those are all good things, but maybe not exactly what you’re used to.

Tell the service department what you are experiencing in terms of A/C temperature or your discomfort due to temperature. You can tell them about the “louder in the engine,” but also tell them what you’re comparing it to (your previous car). They will likely investigate both symptoms and should surely fix anything that’s wrong. But, as others are saying, don’t jump to conclusions about the cause.

It’s under warranty. Score it!