2012 Honda Civic AC question

I have 2012 Honda Civic problem with A/C not getting cold should be 40 to 44 F I am getting 49 to 51 F I add gas is not getting any colder ? it is bad or weak compressor ???

Take it to a independent AC shop AC is not good to DIY. if you do not have the proper equipment and training.


Do you have the same problem A/C not getting cold?

Looks problem with compressor, weak, bad or leaking on seal ?

Run cold 28 pressure, hot 38 which is good but not getting colder?

if you put too much in you can get the same symptoms as not having enough.

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Is right on, too much won’t run, I wondering why is not getting cold enough?

I sow many complaints about a bad compressor maybe is not holding the pressure?

What could be else?

have you checked to see if your Climate Control knob is opening and closing your blend door all the way. if only partially it could be letting warm air mix with cold.

I check that is working normal , I tough could be that!

Depends on the ambient temperature and speed, at 80 F you might get 45 F vent temperature @ 2000 RPM.

At 100 F you may only get 55 F while at idle.

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would a faulty ambient temp sensor thats not accurate cause this problem?
I am thinking no, its either good or bad but I dont know.

This. This. and more of this.

Let me get out my Magic 8-Ball It says… Not Looking Good for You.

No one can diagnose AC problems over the internet. Take it to an AC specialty shop for a proper diagnosis.

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Good advice above. What is the ambient temperature there? If it is 95 deg or above, what you are experiencing my be just how the AC was was designed by the manufacturer to behave. If it is 72 degree ambient where you live, then it does seem to not be working as well as it should.

AC doesn’t work by getting something cold precisely. Instead it moves heat from one place (the evaporator) to another (the condenser). For this to work the condenser has to be able dissipate the heat into the atmosphere. Look for the condenser near the radiator. Air is blown through the condenser to dissipate the heat. Are the fans in that area spinning ok? No weird noises, etc? Are the surfaces of the condenser clean and unobstructed?

Thank you I will check it out, at 85 F I am getting 62F at idle.

When a car is moving is going down to 52F.

85 deg F ambient should’t pose too much of a problem for a correctly working AC system. Since it works better when you are moving, that points to either the fans which cool the condenser aren’t doing their thing, or the belt that spins the compressor might be slipping.

You need to get a set of manifold gauges connected to the system to determine what the low and high pressures are reading.

For all anyone knows, the expansion valve may not be working right.