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A/C cycling

The A/C on my new Colorado(1500 mi) was getting cold then warming then cold etc.

I could hear and feel the pump turn off and on (listened under the hood)

I took it to the dealer and they said it was low on coolant from the factory.

They said they topped it off.

It is still doing it. I took it back and they said it is cycling and “cycling” was normal depending on heat, humidity etc.

Dumb old me listened to my wives Malibu(2008/32,00 miles) and no cycling or loss of cool.

P.S. This does this out in front of my house at low rpm and at 70 mph on the inrerstate.

Is this 61 yr. old shade tree mechanic being feed a line like " the muffler belt is going out" or “the high compression hub caps are taking compression from the compressor”? Need help

thanks, Mike in small town Iowa

If your problem is not obvious the dealer might be blowing you off thinking you are imagining a problem. Sometime the problem must be totally obvious before it will be recognized. That’s just how it works sometimes. But in their defense, cycling is different from model to model. Does the AC cool adequately? Is it cycling more than 3 times per minute?

I tend to agree with RK. My Oldsmobile AC cycles on and off to beat the band and always has but still cools great. My Jeep Cherokee AC almost never cycles or I just don’t notice it.

Thank you for your input. I will check on the frequency of cycle.

If the system was really low as claimed this could be due to someone not completely charging the system or a leak exists. I would tend to think the latter would be the more likely and the system should stay cold. The compressor should cycle but it should not waver back and forth between cold and warm.

You need to make sure that you have paperwork on this issue in case it turns into a chronic, never gets fixed Lemon issue. Without a papertrail you’re dead in the water.

Without knowing what the pressures are it’s impossible to know what’s going on and I know that as a tech I always jotted relevant information down on copies of the repair order.
You might ask the dealer for copies of the warranty claims on this. If the system was really topped off and warranty claims filed, etc. this means that refrigerant or any parts used to repair a leak should have been charged out to the parts department. If the claim copies can’t be produced then it’s at least possible you were being blown off and nothing was done. Time to contact GM.